How to record screen on windows 10 – 3 Ways

Many users are faced with the need how to record screen on windows 10, which can be done in one way or another. The screen is used to record videos for YouTube, presentations or reports, broadcasting a training video, working in a program, recording a game, etc.

In most cases, Windows screen video recording takes place with the help of third-party software: specialized monitor screen capture programs. There are online services that help you record videos from your computer screen.

The described methods involve installing a special application on a PC, which records what is happening on the screen, and then saves the video to a file. A natural question arises, is it possible to record video from a computer screen in Windows without the help of third-party software?

The Windows 10 operating system has a built-in feature: a screen recorder that is designed to record games. The system comes preinstalled with the Xbox Game Bar application, which allows you to record video from the game on the computer screen.

There are other options to record video from the screen of a Windows 10 computer: for this, you need to use the tools from the software for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards installed on your computer.

Of course, in specialized programs, as a rule, there is more functionality, but in some cases, the user can do without third-party applications for recording a computer screen.

How to record screen on windows 10 using the system tool

Windows 10 has an Xbox Game Bar app that records your screen in games and other apps that are open in full screen. Desktop recording and File Explorer are not available.

Windows 10 screen recording works on computers with video adapters that support the following technologies:

  • Nvidia NVENC;
  • AMD VCE;
  • Intel Quick Sync H.260.

Recording options are configured from the operating system settings and the application itself. First of all, you need to make sure that the game recording function is enabled in the operating system settings.

Do the following:

  1. Enter the Start menu, open the Settings app.
  2. In the Windows Settings window, click on Games.
  3. In the Game Menu section, see if the options for recording game clips, screenshots, and broadcasts are enabled.

This section contains options for changing keyboard shortcuts if you need to change the default settings.

The Clips, Broadcast, Game Mode, and Xbox Network tabs allow you to configure other settings such as background recording, audio recording, recording length, video recording quality, and more.

  1. Launch the game on the computer. Instead of a game, you can run any program in full screen mode, such as a browser, webinar broadcast, YouTube video, etc.
  2. Press the “Win” + “G” keys.
  3. Several panels will appear on top of the screen with various options: “Broadcast and Recording”, “Sound”, “Performance”. The display of unnecessary bars is disabled from the main Xbox Game Bar, located in the top center of the screen.
  4. To change settings, go to “Settings”.
  5. To start screen recording, on the “Broadcast and Recording” panel, click on the “Start Recording” button, or hold down the keyboard keys “Win” + “Alt” + “R”.

The Broadcast & Record panel also provides buttons for other keystrokes:

  • “Take Screenshot” – “Win” + “Alt” + “PrtScrn”.
  • “Record the last 30 seconds” – “Win” + “Alt” + “G”.
  • “Mute microphone during recording” – “Win” + “Alt” + “M”.
  • “Start broadcast” – “Win” + “Alt” + “B”.

During recording, a small panel is displayed on the screen, from where you can quickly change some parameters: turn off the microphone or end the screen capture.

  1. To complete the operation, click on the “Stop Recording” button. An alternative way to end the screen recording is to press the “Win” + “Alt” + “R” keys again.
  2. A “Game Clip Recorded” notification will appear on the screen and then disappear.

By default, screen capture recordings and captured screenshots are saved in the Clips folder, which is located in the Videos folder. Movies are saved in “MP4” format and screenshots are saved in “PNG” format.

The user can view all recorded clips from the game mode window by clicking on the “Show All Recordings” button.

How to record screen on windows 10 in NVIDIA GeForce Experience

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience application distributed with NVIDIA video drivers includes a screen recording feature. This application, in addition to games, can record what is happening on the Desktop or in any open programs.

Go through the following steps:

  1. After launching GeForce Experience, sign in with your NVIDIA account.
  2. In the GeForce Experience window, open Settings (gear button).
  3. In the In-Game Overlay section, turn on the toggle.
  4. Press the “Alt” + “Z” keys.
  5. The panel for managing records will open.

The panel has tools for performing the necessary actions, which correspond to keyboard shortcuts:

  • “Screenshot” – “Alt” + “F1”.
  • “Photo mode” – “Alt” + “F2”.
  • “Filter” – “Alt” + “F3”.
  • “Instant Replay” – “Alt” + “Shift” + “F10”.
  • “Record” – “Alt” + “F9”.
  • “Live broadcast” – “Alt” + “F8”.

The Photo Mode and Filter functions are only used in supported games.

  1. To start capturing video on the screen, click on the “Record” button, and then on the “Alt” + “F9” keys.
  2. You need to complete and save the recording by pressing Alt + F9 again, or after clicking on the Stop and Save button.

Recording video files are saved in “MP4” format, and screenshots are saved in “PNG” format. They are located in the system “Video” folder of the user’s profile. Saved media files can be viewed in the “Gallery” from the GeForce Experience window.

Recording Screen Video in AMD Radeon ReLive

AMD graphics card drivers include Radeon ReLive software that can record video in games and from the desktop.

ReLive does not work on video cards with less than 2 GB of memory and requires the AMD Video Coding Engine (VCE).

You need to do the following:

  1. In Radeon Settings, open the ReLive tab.
  2. In the “Global” tab, enable the “ReLive” option.
  3. Enable the “Record desktop video” option.
  4. In the “Save Folder” option, select a location for the recorded files.
  5. Check “Audio Recorder”, set up “hot” keys.
  6. In the “Record” tab, configure the recording settings: recording resolution, frame rate, bit rate during recording, encoding type, audio bit rate, replay options.
  7. In the “Broadcast” tab, you can configure options for broadcasting videos to YouTube and Twitch.
  8. Pressing the keys “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “R” serves to start recording the screen.
  9. To end the video capture, press the “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “R” keys again.

By default, the recorded files are saved in the “Radeon ReLive” folder located in the “Video” folder.

Article Conclusions

In some cases, the user can record video from the screen in the Windows 10 operating system without the help of additional programs. Video capture tools are available in the Xbox Game Bar system app settings, and in the software for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

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