How to get viewers on Twitch?

How to get viewers on Twitch: The Twitch platform was created in 2011. It is a service that allows you to produce, but also to broadcast live video files. Similar to YouTube, it helps anyone who wants to create a channel to do so. On the other hand, you need to have a lot of followers to be successful. To this end, different strategies can be employed. Here are the tips for getting viewers on Twitch.

Social networks

To get traffic on Twitch, you can use social networks like Instagram or Facebook . The idea is to advertise as much as possible, but above all by optimizing on quality. You need to advertise regularly, constantly making improvements based on the results achieved. Ads on platforms like Facebook are convenient and it is possible to target a category of people. You can choose according to gender, age, geographical position or center of interest.

So start by targeting a category to address your advertising. Then analyze the number of registered followers compared to the number of Internet users who viewed the ad. Your goal will now be to increase this ratio. Moreover, to be seen by a large world, nothing prevents you from sponsoring advertisements. For a start, a sponsorship of 5 euros may be sufficient. However, it is possible that the number of views reaches 1,000 if you invest 10 euros. This is a significant number that can already earn you hundreds of followers.

Viral marketing

The goal here is to find the right way to invite people to advertise you to those around them . In other words, Internet users must have a specific interest in sharing your content or your channel. It can for example be a contest where the winner wins a small prize or sponsorship. There are plenty of other solutions. It’s up to you to find the one that suits you best. Note that it is necessary that the chosen option adapts to the theme of the channel.

Viral marketing is all about giving people a really good reason to take action. You must therefore provide a reward such as a gift or any other interesting advantage. Although it is a somewhat complicated technique, know that it works very well. The hardest part is finding the right idea and you hit the jackpot.

Speak to the media or make yourself known through a Buzz

One way to gain audience on your Twitch channel is to reach out to the media . These are able to talk about you in different ways so that you can gain popularity. Get in touch with media that preferably address the theme you are defending. For example, you may be streaming in France. Do not hesitate to get in touch with websites or heads of magazines dealing with subjects that interest you. If what you do is related to fashion, sport or tourism, turn to platforms that address these themes.

It is advisable to establish a real contact. Rather than just sending a link, consider talking honestly about your project. If you find this solution interesting, you must know how to write press releases. In addition, getting known through a Buzz can earn you popularity and new followers on your Twitch channel. The idea is to do something impressive in public and let yourself be filmed. It takes imagination to profit from the strategy. Either way, it’s a proven method.

Google ads or offline advertising

Google ads consists in making your channel appear on Google results after a search on a theme concerning yours. At this level, you are not targeting a personal profile, but rather specific keywords. To find the best ones that can allow you to appear following a search, use different tools. Google trends and google keywords are, for this purpose, two very practical devices to have reliable words.

These help to get an idea of ​​the lexicon that is often the subject of research by Internet users. Note that it is not enough to do it once. Identification on Google is done continuously in order to constantly gain followers. Also, there are simple tricks that don’t require you to resort to media. It is not necessarily a question of posting posters everywhere.

You can simply make flyers that will be distributed at various conventions. If your channel is about video games, for example, conventions like Paris game week are practical opportunities. This strategy can be quite expensive for you. Nevertheless, the number of advertisements on the Internet being very high, resorting to the old methods of advertising can prove to be effective.

Ultimately, the tricks to being followed by a lot of people on Twitch are varied. Other than the suggested solutions, try email marketing or content creation. SEO and partnership are also effective alternatives.

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