How to change your voice on the phone for free?

Do you want to change your voice over the phone for free? This idea can be a fun prank to distract friends and loved ones. Some use it to try to get permission to go to school or work. Various techniques exist to effectively perform vocal disguise. Here are a few.

Download a voice changing app

One of the methods to change your voice on the phone is to use an application specially designed for the cause. There are several that are free and compatible with your smartphone’s operating system. To find these types of programs, go to your device’s app store.

In the list, you can see those that allow you to record your speech and then listen to it in modified form. Others give you the ability to speak directly into the mic. For these models, you can insert strange sounds or consequent effects before your interlocutor answers the call.

Record your voice on your computer to make edits

To change your voice on the phone, you can record it on your Windows PC or Mac to add effects. This trick is valid only for pranks to amuse your friends. In this case, there will be no conversation, unless you manage to predict the answers they will serve you.

To achieve this, you have the option of using a digital audio station or free software. These have modules like:

  • distortion
  • tone transformers
  • speed regulators.

Once the changes have been made, call your correspondent and let the audio speak for you. However, avoid using expressions by which it is possible to recognize you. Write your text and be natural during the recording.

Use a voice-altering toy

Several devices are available that can help you change your voice over the phone. For example, you can use a megaphone with entertaining sound effects . If you can’t buy some at a local store, ask your relatives or neighbors for some.

Once you have it, step away from your phone before speaking into the device. This avoids ringing at the other end of the line. The objective is that your correspondent hears you well without knowing who is speaking.

Transform the tone of your voice

If you want to change your voice before a call, you can learn how to change the pitch of your voice. In reality, the movements of the vocal organs are different from one individual to another. This is what promotes the recognition of a person through his words. When you use this natural trick, it makes you feel like you’ve changed your personality.

To achieve this, speak quietly if you are used to raising your voice during your conversations. To do this, you need to pull the air out of your throat and diaphragm. On the other hand, if you speak naturally low, in this case you must raise the sound of your voice. Stick the tongue against the upper area of ​​your jaw. Then, act like you’re cold by releasing your voice from the back of your throat.

In order not to miss your shot, do not hesitate to practice first before you start. You must appear as natural as possible in order not to arouse suspicion.

Change voice rhythm

Voice rhythm change is also a good trick to disguise your voice for free on the phone. It consists of speaking faster if you are used to speaking slowly and vice versa. Changing the bit rate according to some linguistic studies makes you look like another person. Only attentive interlocutors will be able to recognize you.

This is a relatively difficult exercise to do. Changing the way you speak requires a lot of application. So work your vocal cord and your jaw to achieve your end.


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