How to start a stream on XSplit?

Social networks are the platforms favored by many Internet users to launch a live video game stream. However, to stream properly, you need to choose, download and use a third-party streaming software or application. On the market, these devices exist in impressive numbers and XSplit Broadcaster is one of the most popular. It is a paid streaming platform that incorporates a multiplicity of innovative features that facilitate game streaming. Are you a beginner and want to start a stream on XSplit? Here’s how.

Download XSplit

For an optimal launch of your stream through XSplit , you must have the right and the best version of the software. Indeed, the editors of XSplit regularly bring updates of the live video broadcasting software with new personalized interfaces. To have the latest version posted online, you must download XSplit . To do this, go to two types of platforms, in particular the website of the publisher of XSplit Broadcaster or a specialized download platform.

When downloading the software, care must be taken to select the correct format and the correct version that you need. It will be necessary to take into account the operating system of your Windows PC, Mac or Linux computer. If you can’t download the latest generation of XSplit Broadcaster, it’s best to use at least version 3.4 . You can now install it on your machine and proceed to the configuration step.

Configure and launch the scene

To understand the configuration of XSplit, it is important to remember that this software can be used on different platforms. This is the case of Facebook, YouTube and Twitch for which the XSplit settings may vary.

Setup on Facebook

To stream with XSplit Broadcaster on Facebook , you must first log in using your Facebook account. Once online, you must then configure the Facebook output by clicking on Broadcast. As soon as the new window appears, simply click on the Facebook Output to set the Facebook Live properties and grant the necessary permissions to XSplit.

Once these parameters have been validated, you can then publish your video live on your page under Post One . For the streaming to be complete, you will need to create a scene to broadcast your game . In this case, you must click on “Scene One” and then add a video game source. It is necessary to activate and add your webcam and if necessary a text, images, a discussion, etc. At this point, it is therefore possible to launch a direct with XSplit .

Setup on YouTube

To broadcast and share your videos with XSplit on YouTube , you must first log in with your account. Then, you go to the step of creating the YouTube channel . Then, you have to activate the option “Live transmission via YouTube Studio”. Do not forget to specify the title of your live as well as its description.

Once all the live streaming detail is settled, you can start streaming with XSplit in automatic synchronization with your YouTube channel . For optimal full-screen streaming, it is recommended to have two screens. You will be able to better see chats and your various live followers.

Setup on Twitch

To configure and launch XSplit on Twitch , you must first open the software and click on Stream to add your Twitch channel. You will need to authorize Twitch using your login information. Once this step has been completed, XSplit will automatically define an optimal resolution . You can take advantage of this to specify the different properties of your streaming.

It’s finally time to stage and go live on Twitch . It will be necessary to click on “Add” at the level of the Screen sources section located at the bottom left of the XSplit interface . To choose the desired game, you must select the “Game capture” button. The rest will then consist in importing the additional sources, resizing them. At this stage, you can switch to Live mode by clicking on “Broadcast”, then Twitch.

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