Facebook will take exorbitant commissions on metaverse purchases

If you want to create new income models for yourself in the metaverse world, this can be a bit difficult. Using its dominant position, Facebook seizes almost half of the proceeds. 

Expressing at every opportunity that he finds the 30 percent share cut applied by Apple in in-store sales to be unfair, Facebook does not hesitate to demand even more when the power passes to itself. 

metaverse coup from facebook

metaverse Mark Zuckerberg, who changed the name of the roof company to Meta by investing heavily in the world, will allow developers to create a revenue model in this world. 

Meta company, which will offer various ways such as NFT sales on the Horizon Worlds platform and in the Meta Quest store, also follows an absurd sharing policy. Sales made in the Metaverse world will be cut up to 47.5%. 

A 30 percent hardware cut will be applied to sales made at the Met Quest store. When Horizon Worlds comes into play, there will be another 17.5% cut. Meta considers this pricing to be highly competitive. 

Apple, on the other hand, felt the need to respond after the developments. He stated that Meta can happily make cuts within its own body while criticizing its own store cuts. 


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