Battlefield 2042 continues to lose players: Under 1000 concurrent players

The decline in the number of players of Battlefield 2042, which debuted with problems last year, continues rapidly. The number of concurrent players on Steam has dropped below 1000 for the first time.

Battlefield 2042 , published and developed by Electronic Arts, was  released  last year. Unfortunately, the game had a bad start and EA admitted it. The decline in the game continues at a rapid pace.

Number of Players Below 1000

In SteamDB , where we can examine the player statistics on Steam , an interesting situation has attracted attention recently. The number of simultaneous players of Battlefield 2042, which lost the number of players rapidly , fell below 1000 for the first time. The number of simultaneous players playing the game this morning has dropped to 951 . The fact that such a big and popular game has experienced such a decline actually shows how reactive the players are.

Battlefield 2042 had a good start in its early days , surpassing the number of simultaneous players over 100,000, but as we said, the players started to quit the game quickly due to the problems in the game. It was said that EA would do something to fix this situation, but still no clear move has been made.

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