Anker launches 120W charger with four USB-C ports

Can charge two laptops, tablet and smartphone at the same time.

Anker company, known for powerbanks and chargers, has released its most powerful PowerPort III adapter. It is designed in the form of a desktop unit that connects to the network using the supplied cable and offers four USB-C ports. The total output power is 120 W.

If you feed only one device through PowerPort III, then the first connector can deliver 100W, the second – 60W, and the third and fourth – 20W each. When two gadgets are connected, operating modes 60 W + 60 W or 90 W + 20 W are possible. If you occupy all the connectors, then the adapter will supply 50W, 30W, 20W and 20W to them.

This versatility allows you to power several laptops and smartphones at once, or, for example, one powerful gaming laptop and some other mobile device. This does not require a power strip with a bunch of outlets – just the PowerPort III.
The accessory is equipped with various systems for temperature control, current regulation and short circuit protection. Such a charge weighs 400 grams with dimensions 10 × 7 × 3.4 cm. The new Anker was estimated at 120 dollars.

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