Telegram added reactions, message translation, hidden text and QR codes

The Telegram team spoke about the innovations that appeared in the application along with the new, 12th update. 
Interactive and animated emoji can now be used as a reaction to messages – to select a quick reaction, you need to double-tap on the message. To select other reactions, you need to press once and select some option. 
In private chats, reactions will always be turned on, and in groups and channels they can select the option and available emoji. In addition, now in the application you can translate your message from one language to another – the option is enabled in the settings (languages ​​are also selected there), and for translation you need to click on the post. 
We also added a function that allows you to hide part of the text to avoid spoilers – they are not shown in messages, chat list and notifications. And now you can generate QR codes to go to the user profile with a public link. QR can be used for groups, channels and bots too. 
There are also new interactive emojis, and the menu has been updated in the Telgram version for macOS. 

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