Pinal Scandal

Celebrities often make headlines and spark online discussions when scandalous incidents break. Some scandals make headlines for days; other times they fade from public attention quickly due to messy abusive relationships or family rivalry and business disputes.

4 pinay scandal has recently been making waves on various social media platforms and many people are searching for more information online about it. Here is a detailed account of this controversial event.

Atong Ang

Recent years have witnessed numerous celebrity scandals engulf the news cycle. While some become viral on social media but soon dissipate from view, others remain prominent for months or even years.

Charlie Tiu Hay Sy Ang, better known by his nickname Atong Ang, has recently been involved in several contentious issues. He’s been linked with the showbiz Barretto clan and was involved with former President Joseph Estrada’s impeachment trial.

He is renowned as a legal gambling lord in the Philippines, known for allegedly overseeing small-town lottery operations as one of the country’s most prominent ‘jueteng lords’.

Now, Atong Ang is at the center of yet more controversy. During a TV Patrol interview, Atong denied reports that he is dating Gretchen and Claudine’s niece Nicole Barretto; Gretchen had accused Nicole’s aunt, Claudine Barretto, of taking away Atong from Gretchen; Atong also insisted he is close with all members of Nicole’s family including Marjorie Barretto.

Gretchen Barretto

Gretchen Barretto is an esteemed Filipino actress and television host, best known for her roles in Seiko films like Tukso, Ang Bukas Ay Akin, and Ama. Additionally, she was seen on GMA Supershow and Show & Tell. Additionally, two of Gretchen’s sisters Claudine and Marjorie also work within the entertainment industry.

Beginning her career as a teenybopper actress, she later appeared in more risque films such as Ang Lihim Ng Golden Buddha and 14 Going Steady that altered her image drastically and led to a full transformation into one of the most successful softcore actresses in Philippine cinema.

Recent roles she’s taken include Victoria Valera on Magkaribal and as mother-to-daughter relationship dynamics on Magcaribal, recently hosting her 18th birthday party with a Wizard of Oz theme for Dominique. This actress is truly beautiful while remaining composed when speaking to media members.

Marjorie Barretto

Marjorie Barretto is a well-known Filipina actress who has made an impressionful mark in the entertainment industry with her acting skills and talents. She has appeared in films such as Silakbo, Makuhaka sa Ting Gin, Indecent Professor and Dilinger; additionally, she served as councilor in Caloocan. Marjorie and Miguel Alvir Barretto share five children including actress Julia Barretto as their only daughter from their marriage with Estrella Castelo Barretto (mother). Gretchen and Claudine also have careers within showbiz industry roles.

Marjorie Padilla recently came under fire from ex-husband Dennis Padilla after giving an interview to Boy Abunda, but stood firm on her decision to be an excellent mother and wife, citing her children as sources of strength. Now working as a councilor and supporting her daughter’s career goals – even posting a photo on Instagram saying she loved her with “the kind of love only given through Divine Providence.”


PLDT provides fixed line and mobile telephone services through its Smart and TNT brands as well as broadband and internet of things services, as well as investing in broadcasting (TV5 Network and Nation Broadcasting Corporation), print media such as The Philippine Star and BusinessWorld and direct-to-home satellite service Cignal TV, among others. PLDT is controlled by three entities: First Pacific Investment Management Company Limited from Hong Kong; Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Ltd through its subsidiaries; and JG Summit who own Cebu Pacific airline, food manufacturer Universal Robina Food and real estate developer Robinsons Land respectively.

Philippine telecom giant PLDT Inc disclosed in 2018 that its budget overruns totaled 48 billion pesos ($884 million). Since then, the company has been working with its principal vendors to reconcile accounts and trim overruns as well as exploring tower sales opportunities. Following news of this scandal breaking out, stock price dropped 60% and company officials pledged cooperation with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Philippine Stock Exchange, and Capital Markets Integrity Corp.

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