Micron announces faster GDDR6X memories

The GDDR6X version has been further enhanced, making it the fastest GDDR memory ever developed. Thus, HBM gained a significant advantage against its competitors.

Nvidia, which has been collaborating with Micron for a long time, gives itself an advantage in the graphics card market with faster GDDRX memories. RTX 3090 Ti The new GDDR6X memory that comes with the graphics card is faster than normal. 

New GDDR6X memories

The new GDDR6X memory modules, introduced by Micron and defined as the fastest GDDR memory, can reach speeds of 21Gbps and come in 16Gb capacities. There is a 15 percent performance increase compared to the previous 8Gb capacity. 

With the new GDDR6X memories, bandwidth over 1TB/s is achieved and works much more efficiently than previous generations. It provides this with PAM4 signal technology. We saw these memories for the first time on the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card. 

Continuing its work, Micron will also launch GDDR6X memories with speeds up to 24Gbps in the coming period. We will probably see them in the GeForce RTX 4000 graphics card series. 

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