Star Swim Schools: Babies & toddlers Can Learn To Swim With The Help of Professionals

Kids swimming lessons provide an engaging way for children to develop water safety knowledge and enhance physical health, as well as develop positive attitudes toward water early on in life. Swimming classes Clyde for kids offer great life skills to help develop early in their development as a swimmer!

An initiative of a state government to train swim teachers has come under scrutiny for having overly stringent eligibility criteria, leading to many schools experiencing waitlists due to shortages in instructors.

Heated Indoor Pools

Our heated indoor pools allow your children to practice their swimming skills in a temperature-controlled environment, helping them become familiar with water while decreasing their risks of illness due to cold exposure. Plus, this makes swimming lessons more fun!

Star Swim Schools was established on the belief that water safety and skills are vital life lessons for babies, and strives to offer quality training sessions with real results in an engaging learn-to-swim atmosphere. Each of their instructors have completed the Aqua-Tots curriculum and possess extensive experience teaching infants about water safety.

Swimming Coaches & Teachers Australia offers best practice guidelines, aquatic qualifications and professional development programs to its teachers. In addition, these teachers are certified by the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia to teach lifesaving skills and first aid, offering free trial lessons so parents and kids can decide whether the program suits them perfectly.

Baby Swimming Classes

Babies & toddlers can learn to swim with the help of professional swimming coaches in a safe pool environment. They’ll learn techniques like breathing, floating and kicking on water to overcome fear and build an appreciation of swimming; parents will also develop closer ties to their infants while bonding closer as a result of this learning process.

During lessons, bub is encouraged to experience skin to skin contact with their primary caregiver for maximum development. This also creates an atmosphere of trust and companionship which they will carry throughout their lives with this relationship.

Baby swimming classes are offered all year long with small class sizes to ensure each child gets individual attention and progress quickly through levels. They also offer free assessments so your child is placed in their appropriate level and progresses quickly through levels.

Friendly Staff

Swimming lessons Clyde is an ideal employment choice for anyone who enjoys teaching swimming to children, while creating a positive learning experience for students. Their friendly and enthusiastic staff strives to create an enjoyable learning environment for the youngsters they teach while offering competitive benefits and wages for employees.

After dealing with staff changes at another large local swim school, my daughter was thrilled when she discovered Starfish Swim School and felt instantly welcome and confident in the water. Thank you for making my daughter feel at home here – the teachers were wonderful in teaching her skills quickly! Thank you again for making her feel welcomed and confident in the water.

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