What is Valentine’s Day, When? Story, Meaning

How Did Valentine’s Day Come About?

Celebrated with love and excitement every year in our country and in many countries of the world, February 14 Valentine’s Day will be celebrated with the same enthusiasm among couples who love each other in 2022 . We have been celebrating this special feeling that binds couples together, when love, longing and patience come together, on a single day of the year for centuries.

Well, have you ever wondered how valentine’s day came about? The story of this special day, known to many as a commercial day only, is both bitter and mysterious.

Although the meaning of Valentine’s Day is to spend time together between couples, to make the day special, to receive sincere gifts, it expresses a story that goes back centuries. Now we will give you the answers to the question of what is Valentine’s Day, which has left its mark on history.

The Valentine’s day story is more interesting and engaging than you might expect. Maybe, inspired by this story, you can take the romance dimension of the event to the next level with the Valentine’s Day note you will attach to the gift you will buy for your love .

What is Valentine’s Day?

  • Every year, when February comes, there is an excitement that surrounds couples full of love.
  • The preparation that gets these couples excited is the February 14 Valentine’s Day rush.
  • These sweet, hectic preparations made with hearts and red details in shops, streets and restaurants will create a smile on their faces when they come to mind later.
  • Valentine’s Day; In fact, it is one of the sweetest occasions to think about things to do with your lover, places to go with your lover, gift ideas for your lover, and to prepare nice surprises …

Valentine’s Day When, What Day?

  • One of the questions that arise in the minds of couples full of love who have been watching the path of their loved one for days, counting the hours to meet their spouse, crossing cities and getting together is when Valentine’s Day falls on which day in 2022 .
  • Let’s answer the question when is Valentine’s Day for working couples and living in different cities.
  • If you are going to make a reservation and program, you should definitely know which day is Valentine’s Day .
  • In 2022, 14 February Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on Monday.
  • Since Monday is a working day, most people plan to celebrate on the weekend of February 12-13.
  • Especially for short vacation plans, this arrangement is quite logical and suitable.
  • Although Monday is a weekday, pleasant activities for the evening can of course be done.
  • Considering the rules of the pandemic, you can make a program full of love and happiness with the person you love.

Valentine’s Day Story and Meaning

  • Let’s talk about the curious story of February 14, which gained meaning after the 3rd century AD:
  • In the 3rd century AD, Roman Emperor Claudius II banned his soldiers from marrying in order to strengthen his army and keep it active at all times.
  • During this period, many soldiers had to leave the woman they loved at home and join the wars.
  • While waiting for the way of their spouses, while waiting for the time to pass with the dream of marriage; The men who remained in the army spent their days with this dream with the desire to end the wars and return to their homes.
  • During the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II, when there was a ban on marriage, St. Valentine’s wedding was done secretly. He struggled a lot to keep these ceremonies secret. Because marriage was forbidden in this process.
  • This mysterious marriage, which became widespread while loving couples got married in a secret wedding ceremony, was heard by the Roman Emperor Claudius II.
  • The Roman Emperor Claudius II, who was very angry with this situation that developed outside his own rules, had Saint Valentine executed as the price of betrayal on the day of February 14th in 270 AD.
  • According to rumors, after 270 AD, when February 14 comes to commemorate St. Valentine and remember his spirit, lovers celebrate this day for St. Valentine.
  • This is how the oldest story of February 14 Valentine’s Day was conveyed. So, who is the Saint Valentine in question?
  • Saint Valentine is known as a priest who served in the church during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II.
  • After years passed, St. Valentine is remembered as a symbol of love and affection. It is engraved in the memories with the way it brings the lovers together.
  • Symbolizing the efforts of lovers to make their love eternal, February 14 Valentine’s Day is actually a day when the effort for love is remembered with respect… A simple Valentine’s Day message to be sent in the light of this information will turn into special sentences that will leave meaningful and deep traces.
  • Especially if you are looking for a gift for a soldier lover, attaching this story to the small gift you will send will ensure that you have a pleasant memory.

A Day Representing Spring February 14 Valentine’s Day

  • February 14 Valentine’s Day has a different story in the sources. It is stated that February 14 Valentine’s Day, which has become a part of popular culture, emerged with a festival called Lupercalia, which was celebrated in the Roman period.
  • The Lupercalia festival is a celebration in Rome that aims to cleanse the city by expelling evil spirits, thereby releasing health and fertility. It is mentioned in the sources as a very ancient Roman pastoral festival celebrated from February 13 to February 15.
  • This festival was held for the fertility god Lada. The men and women who were single at the festival might have found the love of their lives.
  • In this festival held in the middle of February every year, men drew cards with the names of women from a box.
  • The woman’s name written on the card drawn by each man represented the woman he would meet and meet that day.
  • While preparing a gift box for your valentine, you can attach a small note to the box, inspired by this story.
  • For example, “Centuries ago, people used to find the love of their life on this special day… I am sharing the beautiful energy of this special day with the love of my life, how happy!” you can write 🙂
  • The pairings of lovers in the story told continued for a certain period of time. However, the church wanted to end this tradition in the following centuries and declared the commemoration of St. Valentine on this day, which coincided with 14 February.
  • Although the two different stories of February 14 Valentine’s Day in the sources are not known by many today, there are now many articles expressing what this day means.
  • It can be said that February 14, which represents love and happiness between couples, is actually the day of commemoration of the executed church official.
  • The spread of technology and the fact that communication tools are now available to everyone reinforces the desire to celebrate this special day.

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