Choosing children’s toys

Newborns do not need rattles. At the age of 1-3 months, they are already able to hold their head on their own, they try to grab objects nearby with their fingers. The baby develops an interest in the environment, hearing and visual abilities come to the fore. Most relevant for this age:

  1. rattles – choose lightweight but durable. Pay attention to the sounds you make. They should not be too harsh so that the baby does not get scared;
  2. musical mobile – the baby will be interested in looking at the figures, following the movement. The melody sounds smooth and gentle

By 3-6, the child becomes more independent, his first teeth are being cut, he begins to roll over. At this time, fit:

  1. toys of appropriate sizes that you want to try “by the teeth”;
  2. musical rugs exceeding the parameters of the child. To reach the other end of the mat, you need to stretch and roll over to help develop activity.

At the stage of 6-9 months, we learn to sit, throw, fine motor skills are trained. At the moment, shapes and textures are needed to reinforce the skills and reflexes that shape precise movement.

From 9 to 1 year old, we continue to work on strengthening the ability to perform coordinated actions with arms and legs. What are important now:

  1. pyramids, molds, fabrics, toys with buttons, etc. What you can take with two handles, shift and connect
  2. the child is trying to walk, help him in this: teach him to hold onto the supports;
  3. read and consider books with large pictures, short poems, fairy tales.

How many toys do you need

Perhaps every child who speaks in the slightest degree will give a specific answer to this question: a lot! How can parents answer it? After all, a toy is an object with which the heir can have fun and learn about the world. And how not to overdo it, we so want him to have all the best.

Children’s entertainment is differentiated by age and group, taking into account mental abilities. It is clear that a three-month-old baby is unlikely to be able to play with the sorter, but otherwise the advice is rather arbitrary.

Here is a list according to which you must have up to 2 years of age. Maybe for some it is a lot or a little. After all, each family is individual – everyone has their own views on the number of purchases:

  1. rattle simple, developing (rustling, with music);
  2. safe children’s mirror;
  3. machine;
  4. baby doll is soft;
  5. big / small ball;
  6. wooden / soft cubes;
  7. pyramid;
  8. sorter, preferably a couple of different ones;
  9. set of rubber animals;
  10. a package of vegetables / fruits;
  11. puzzles by age – four different types;
  12. set in the sandbox;
  13. items in the bathroom.

Everything else is purchased according to preferences and material status. So, for example, when a future woman in labor is asked about the desired gift, you can feel free and give the donor the opportunity to make a present from this list.

As you can see, there is no clear answer to the question of the need for specific items. Some mothers make educational toys themselves. Their children are no less smart than those who have rattles available for a couple of thousand rubles.

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