Mother’s Day Quotes: The Most Meaningful Words for Mom

Short and Meaningful Quotes for Mother’s Day

Celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May every year, Mother’s Day is known as a commercial game for some, and a day to commemorate mothers according to others . However, many stories are hidden behind this special day. Mother’s Day, which has been a very special day since 1832, is one of those moments that those who are with their mothers and those who are now angels will never forget.

Some preparations are made on Mother’s Day to keep our mothers, our most precious possessions, happy and to make them feel special. Maybe a small cake, maybe a gift that will make her happy will make this day even more meaningful. However, there is such a gift that; it is a gift that your mothers will feel with all their heart wherever they are: because the words of mother’s day contain emotional expressions; It is more effective than all material gifts.

Mother’s day words express the longest feelings with short sentences. Thanks to mother’s day special words; You can prepare the most special note of a gift you will receive. If you and your mother are in separate cities; After reviewing our list of mother’s day beautiful words, you can open your feelings to her via message. The words of mother’s day that all children, from young to old, are looking for , are on this page in a meaningful and emotional way.

You should definitely check out our most emotional list, which will guide those looking for mother’s day words as long and short messages. Thanks to the words of my dear mother on Mother’s Day, which you can say to her at any age , the bond between you and your mother can become even stronger. Dedicated to all expectant mothers and mothers; We convey the list of the most meaningful mother’s day words to you with our sincere feelings.

Special Meaningful Words for Mother’s Day

You calmed my tears, you brought me to life,
You slept next to me every night,
You protected me from diseases,
Here is your greatest hope.

When I sit under the trees, When I get tired of the
sun and take a breather, When the
blowing winds always bring a sweet breeze,
My mother suddenly comes to my mind.
Everyone comes and goes,
Nothing stays forever,
Only you remain,
My greatest love is my mother.

You deserve the greatest happiness, the most beautiful of everything. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

The reason I never stop hoping is to catch a smile of yours. Happy Mother’s Day mommy.

Them; They became the name of hope, compassion, mercy, strength and determination throughout their lives, not one day… Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers..

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers who make us hold on to life, find peace with their voices, and are precious not only one day but every day!

The only thing priceless is a mother’s love. Happy mothers day.

I kiss the hands of my mother, the only person I believe loves me more than me. You are in my heart for life, not every May, happy mother’s day!

Happy day to you my mommy, who hides heaven in your smile!

A mother is an artist, and her most beautiful work is her baby. May our mothers always be happy.

With your scent of roses and your warm smile, I’m glad you’re my mother! Happy mothers day.

My greatest longing is for you, my mother. I wish you were always with me. Happy Mother’s Day.

I congratulate the mother’s day of our mothers with the scent of heaven, with my most sincere wishes.

Thank you for giving me a mother like you all my life. Happy mother’s day to my mom.

I can’t love anyone in the world as much as I love you, I can’t get attached. Happy mothers day my dear mother.

If we put the whole world on one side of the scale and my mother on the other, the world would lick our hands. Lord Langdale

Motherhood, in all its disguises and variations, is an art, not a science. Mellinda M. Marshall

Serve your mother; because heaven is under the feet of mothers. Hz. Muhammad (pbuh)

The face which is impossible to forget, is a mother’s face. Hz. Muhammad (pbuh)

Give me good mothers, I will give you good citizens. Napoleon Bonaparte

Do good to your parents and be good, so that your children will be obedient and respectful to you. Hz. Muhammad (pbuh)

Mom, you were the person who fed me from the very beginning of my life journey, never skipped my prayers, worried about me, guided me and supported me in every quest. I know you are there every day for the love I need. Happy Mother’s Day!

When I need a hug, your arms are always open for me. When I need a friend, you are always there for me. When I need a lesson, you are the best teacher. Your strength and love always guide me. I love you so much mommy, Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you so much, my dear mother, for the boundless Love and patience in your heart. Happy Mother’s Day!

My dear mother, who calmed my tears, brought me to life and connected me to life. Happy Mother’s Day.

The consolation of my irritability is my mother, whose compassion I took refuge and who voluntarily shared my life. How do I pay your due?

You are my inspiration. I have always wanted to be a mother like you for my children so I can raise them as you raised me. Happy Mother’s Day!

You taught me everything I need to be a good person. You are not only my mother, but also my teacher. Happy Mother’s Day!

This world would never have been wonderful if it weren’t for our mothers’ efforts to raise us in the most perfect way. Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter how committed you are, you need to analyze your career. You need to weigh up whether you have mixed feelings about motherhood and ask yourself how your life with children will be enriched, but also how ready you are to make sacrifices. Marian Faux

You are the umbrella that opens to me when all the pain falls on me, my mother.. I love you so much.

A shooting star slides in the sky, we make a wish. My mother closes her eyes all the wishes are for me. I kiss your hands, mommy.

you became the pole star of my life. Wherever I go, I slept with your love under the light. I found the right way. I love you

My dear beautiful mother, everywhere you touch shines. You are my Everything. The meaning of my life is the most beautiful person I love you.

Mother, if your heart is a stone, will it stand, if it is a bird, flower, daytime, will it not break? May the neck of a violet stem from pain give birth to the mountains this time, mother. You too, to my places where oil bleeds nonstop with a warm rain. Happy mothers day my dear mother.

Optimistic people who, despite failures and disasters, can keep their confidence in life to the fullest, are more likely to be raised by a good mother. I love you so much, happy mother’s day my dear mom.

I can’t thank you a thousand times. You are my life light. You are my mother. The only reason for my existence.

Oh, if I fall on your knee, if I sleep without being satiated, If it’s not morning, I’m weak from running away at night, put me on your face so that you can keep the pain. Are you crying mom is leaving for no good. Happy mothers day my dear mother. So glad I have you!

God spare my mother; I owe him everything I am or can hope to be. Abraham Lincoln

If you ask me which is the best book I’ve read, I’ll tell you it’s my mother. Abraham Lincoln

My mother did the best she could. His mother also did the best. Everyone’s mom does better than is expected of her. Indeed this is it. June Jordan

You can add the words at the bottom of the list on a stylish paper or on the back of the photo to the corner of a small gift you will buy for your mother. Here is a list of the most impressive and emotional mothers day quotes :

  • The light of my childhood… My bright star in my nights, my warm sun in my day! My life, which you always offer a spring breeze with your flower scent, has been renewed with your effort. I have grown, developed and become your most precious fruit… My solid, rooted plane tree, my unshakable trust, my green hope, my shadow in my difficulties… You are the most precious gift of this world to me. Happy mother’s day my dear mother!
  • When I was a tiny lentil, now I have become an adult who can gift you with lots of love with her big heart… The inspiration of my life is my single mother, who nurtures many fertile gardens in her smiling eyes.
  • I take you with all my being and soul, as if taking a deep breath; as if he greet the morning sun with joy; it’s like eating the food you cook with your cotton hands with appetite; I love deep and limitless as I marvel at glamorous landscapes… Happy Mother’s Day; glad you are my mom!
  • When I came to this world, I was tiny and afraid of everything. As I got older, I realized more and more that you were always with me everywhere. On Mother’s Day, I once again understood what it means to be a mother. I am glad that I have become your child, my mother. Happy Mother’s day, may your presence give me strength and confidence!

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