How to choose a cordless sander

How to buy a grinder and not make a mistake? To do this, you need to pay attention to several parameters.

Battery type

The most commonly used batteries in power tools are lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries. Li-Ion drives are good for their lack of memory effect, large capacity and maximum “lifespan”. In turn, current sources based on NiCd will be cheaper, but they will be able to serve stably in any climate and do not have a tendency to flash fires.

Ideally, the capacity of the battery should be appropriate for the working environment. For example, a lithium grinder will perfectly show itself in a car service or workshop. A similar tool with a nickel battery is better suited for outdoor activities in any weather, including on a construction site or in a camping environment.

Technical specifications 

If the type of battery is selected for operating conditions, then the technical characteristics of the device are required to perform the tasks for which it is purchased. The most important parameters are power, spindle speed, operating time without recharging, weight and the availability of replaceable attachments.

Additional options such as start-up control, voltage control, automation and electronic sensors increase the operator’s comfort when using the tool. Their existence affects the cost of the grinder, but in some situations, advanced functions may be indispensable. For example, for working with thin materials, the presence of an electronic spindle rotation control system is important. This function automatically adjusts the speed of the sanding element, preventing it from damaging the surface to be treated.


The third nuance is the cost, which depends on:

  1. functionality – the more operations are performed, the more expensive the unit;
  2. build quality – a solid, durable model, designed for intensive use, cannot be budget;
  3. manufacturer’s brand.

It is undesirable to choose the cheapest unit for constant intensive use. Manufacturers of cheap types save on materials, which means that important ASM units and parts will be subject to rapid wear. It is better to immediately purchase a high-quality item of European or American assembly and work for many years than to constantly lose money repairing malfunctions of a cheap tool.

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