How to choose a hair dryer

What is it for? Just to dry your hair quickly? Any inexpensive device with a minimum of functions can cope with this, which simply performs its task.

Main settings

Power plays a major role. For intensive drying, the device must have an electric motor in the range of 1600-1800 W. Weak, less than 1000 W, will blow for a long time, which will negatively affect the quality of the styling. This is a key point for girls with long hair. And with a power of over 2000 W it is able to burn strands, spoiling their appearance.

Weight is very relevant, especially for people who work with it every day in beauty salons. A fragile girl will quickly get tired of a sophisticated but heavy device, so compactness and lightness should also be taken into account when choosing.

For people who combine drying their hair with styling, the flow of cold air will be an indispensable function. This will instantly lock your hair into position.

Jet ionization is also helpful. Negative ions combine with positive particles on wet hair to destroy them and reduce static electricity. Together with fast drying, the damage caused by hot air is eliminated. In addition, ions have a good effect on the health of hair, making it manageable and strong.

Today there are only two form factors – a cylinder and a pistol. It is worth choosing depending on professional and individual characteristics. Specialized devices are more often in the form of a pistol with a handle, since it is more convenient to hold such devices during operation. But this option is not acceptable for all beginners – such devices are usually heavy, which leads to pauses at the time of customer service and negatively affects the hairstyle. We decide the question – to purchase a more expensive, lightweight and compact model in a similar design.

Do not forget about the ergonomics, the length of the cord, the material of the case – how comfortable it is in the hand, how convenient it is to work with it. A universal solution for almost everyone: hair dryers with a foldable handle – no hassle when transporting or traveling. Especially when equipped with covers and cases, where there is a place for attachments.

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