Quartz Wallpaper

Quartz wallpaper has become one of the types of innovations in the construction and repair industry. Wall covering is produced by applying quartz sand, granite chips, mica, vermiculite on a base, which is used as paper and non-woven fabric. Environmentally friendly natural material is necessary in rooms where children and people suffering from allergic diseases are.

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The product range is varied. It is possible to repaint with latex paint up to 20 times while maintaining the quality of the coating, which will allow you to refresh the interior without extra investment. Density of application will hide wall defects. In addition, other advantages of wallpaper can be noted:

  1. strength and durability;
  2. moisture resistance, not affected by fungal mold;
  3. fire safety – the stone does not burn. He is not afraid of either high temperature or open fire;
  4. the granular structure does not require perfect leveling of the surface;
  5. easy to clean without detergents. Cleaning is carried out using a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a nap attachment;
  6. the depth of painting, carried out over the entire thickness of the material, makes the joints invisible. It gives the feeling of a single space;
  7. ease of the pasting process. The exceptions are ornaments or patterns applied to the canvas, when it is necessary to combine the pattern. It should be borne in mind that the gluing work is light and the weight of each strip is heavy. Therefore, use the manufacturer’s recommended adhesive.


These include the high cost of goods, since they are delivered to the Russian market from European countries: Italy, Belgium, France, Germany. Despite this, the popularity of quartz finishes is growing every year.

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