Tips for choosing the perfect tie

Halstuch in translation from German sounds like “neckerchief”, serves as an accessory in the office environment and decoration in a festive setting. Men, who do not often complement their wardrobe, try not to bother with the selection. But it is this particular item that can spoil the impression of the outfit if it does not fit into it.


There are models for all cases:

  1. butterfly – consists of a ribbon tied around the neck in the form of a bow, tied in a knot. The ceremonial tuxedo is complemented by the entertainer, the stage image of the artists, the croupier’s vest in the casino;
  2. self-tying – classic. Used with a formal suit as a symbol of a business man or a corporate dress code;
  3. regattas – fixed on an elastic band and has a formed ready-made knot;
  4. bolo is a cowboy cord, the ends of which are connected by a metal element similar to a brooch. An informal attribute for a bright, relaxed image. Female types are also on sale;
  5. shawl – combined with romantic or retro style shirts. We are very fond of representatives of creative professions;
  6. bow – for costume parties. Knitted from a scarf or headscarf in accordance with the Victorian era.

Selection and wearing rules

Since the usual options are most often preferred by the stronger sex, let’s talk about them. The following tips will help you avoid mistakes when buying and bundling with other items. Conservatism requires consistency of colors and patterns with the elements of clothing. In youth everyday ensembles there is an eclecticism that allows the combination of heterogeneous, seemingly incompatible solutions. This allows you to look fun and fashionable.

  1. As for etiquette, he is matched to the shirt and must be lighter or darker in order to stand out against its background. It is undesirable to mix bright, flashy, sharply contrasting colors with each other. The ornament on the tie looks harmonious, one or several colors of which resonate with the tone of the shirt. With regard to the suit: not sure which one to choose – wear black, gray or navy blue. Perfectly combined with everything and suitable for any occasion.
  2. Correspondence to the build – the overall macho will need a wide shape, and the slender ones – narrow or medium.
  3. Product length – according to the style rules, it must cover the belt buckle.
  4. Strict pattern – geometric images: stripes, cells, peas, zigzags. Leave funny inscriptions, emoticons, pictures for a friendly meeting.
  5. Materials – high-quality samples with a good lining are sewn only from 100% natural fabrics: silk, wool, satin or mixed with cashmere and linen. All of them should be appropriate for the season, depending on the density of the fabric.

This is a fashion item and requires a careful approach to the choice, like other wardrobe items. A real holiday is even dedicated to him. World Tie Day is celebrated on October 18th. Although it does not have an official status, it nevertheless becomes more popular every year.

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