How and with what to wear a transparent blouse

Lace and translucent blouses have always been in fashion. And today such a wardrobe item does not lose its relevance. Thin fabric with intricate weaving of threads depicts incredibly beautiful patterns. It is made from synthetics, linen, silk, cotton, blended fibers. For the first time, outfits from it appeared in Italy. The rapid spread outside the country was facilitated by foreign economic relations between European states.

What is appropriate and when

Lace textiles are appreciated all over the world for their unique designs and patterns. It is based on geometric motifs and floral ornaments, which are a real work of art. But remember that lace is a “capricious” textile. One wrong detail and the look will be hopelessly ruined.

Many women try to imitate celebrities on the red carpet. Not realizing that in ordinary situations it looks ridiculous. There is a suitable and inappropriate toilet. “Stars” often demonstrate frank bad manners, ignoring generally accepted principles of etiquette. You should not adopt shocking images, which in everyday practice seem to be tasteless self-expression.

Designers advise to dress in lace from head to toe, not considering it bad form. The main thing is not to overdo it, but to balance all the subtleties.

How and with what to wear – stylist’s tips

In order not to look vulgar or strange in an outfit, it is important to take into account several nuances:

  1. refuse unnecessary details in clothes. Openwork itself is expressive. Give preference to fabrics that are appropriate in texture and density without additional effects – velor, satin, light knitwear, polyester, wool;
  2. it is advisable to choose accessories that are minimalistic, restrained. A thin chain, a modest pendant, a laconic bag, a plain scarf or a scarf are perfect;
  3. a deep neckline in lace and transparent products – not for a business meeting. This gives the impression of an easily accessible girl;
  4. in an office setting, such a blouse should be worn only under a buttoned jacket or with a top. Underwear is selected in flesh color without unnecessary reliefs and guipure;
  5. in colors it is better to prefer classic neutral shades: black, white, gray, blue, beige.

The technology for making lace is a laborious process. This is especially true for handmade. Therefore, it cannot be cheap. Inexpensive canvases of poor quality with a characteristic shine will spoil even the most sophisticated image.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such clothes create a unique look, emphasize the beautiful curves of the body. Modern fabrics have a number of positive aspects:

  1. the soft texture fits the figure perfectly, does not deform anywhere and does not gather;
  2. looks expensive, openwork elements add elegance and luxury;
  3. hygroscopicity and breathability allows the skin to “breathe”. Therefore, the products are comfortable in all weather conditions.

With all the pluses, there is one significant minus – they are very capricious in their care. You can wash only by hand, dry flat on a flat surface, iron at low temperatures.

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