What Day is Mother’s Day? 2022

What Day is Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day, which many people are eagerly waiting for, will be celebrated very soon. Those who want to celebrate this day with care and in an unforgettable way have already started to panic. Both sellers, spouses and children are in search of a gift for Mother’s Day, which delights mothers, fills their eyes and makes them emotional.

So when is mother’s day ? On what day of the month will Mother’s Day, one of the most special days of mothers, be celebrated? We have answered this question, which many people wonder, in the most careful way for you. Moreover, we have added a short note for those who do not know the story of this day yet.

Information that will guide those who say when mother’s day will be celebrated in 2022 , in which week and in which month, are in these lines!

What Day is Mother’s Day? 2022

  • If you are wondering what day is the mother’s day in 2022, we are explaining the exact date for you to prepare your mother’s day program.
  • For those who say what date is Mother’s Day, 8 May 2022 should not be forgotten.
  • Mother’s Day, which coincides with the 2nd Sunday of May, will be celebrated in many homes with a sweet rush.
  • Those who wonder when Mother’s Day is celebrated can evaluate the date of May 8, 2022, which coincides with the 2nd Sunday of May, to make their mother happy.
  • When is Mother’s Day for those living in Turkey and those in other countries; It appears with the response of May 9, 2021.
  • If you want to make this day special for your mother; You can start preparations now and prepare details that will make her happy.
  • In order not to tire her on the morning of Mother’s Day; You can prepare breakfast and wake him up.
  • You can express how much you love your mother and that you will love them not only on this date but always.
  • When the calendars show May 8, 2022, mother’s day will be celebrated with love in almost many homes and will be remembered in its most beautiful form from now on.
  • Happy Mother’s day to those who are with their mothers and will never be forgotten.
  • Mother’s Day, one of the days that expectant mothers and mothers will feel special during the year, will be celebrated on May 8, 2022.

Mother’s Day Story and Emergence

Mother’s day has 2 different stories in history. One of them originates from mythology; another one has survived from the 1900s to the present day.

1. Story

  • The first story of Mother’s Day actually goes back to mythological times.
  • Rhea is considered the mother of many gods and goddesses. To commemorate and remember this holy mother, a spring festival is held every year in May.
  • Since this spring festival coincided with the middle of May at that time; It is celebrated at the same time today.
  • This festival, which was important for the ancient Greek people, was organized in the name of Rhea, who was accepted as a mother.
  • Times have changed and now a very different story of mother’s day is remembered.

2. Story

  • Celebrated with great joy in Turkey since 1955, Mother’s Day is a special day instilled in many countries by Anna Jarvis.
  • Thanks to a young girl named Anna Jarvis, who lives in Philadelphia, this special day is still celebrated today.
  • Anna Jarvis is an emotional and ambitious girl who lost her parents 3 years apart.
  • Unable to get used to her mother’s death, Anna Jarvis wants to do something to commemorate her mother every year.
  • Who wants to spend more time with his mother; but Anna Jarvis, who thinks that she does not spare enough time; takes action to fulfill his duty of loyalty to his mother in a very special way.
  • Jarvis, who got out of his depressed state and took steps for his mother, on the day that coincided with the 2nd Sunday in May, that is, on the date of his mother’s death; commemorates his mother in a special ceremony.
  • Taking firm steps to impress all mothers and children, Jarvis travels the land to give advice to children whose mothers are still alive.
  • He works to make the day he remembers his mother an official day in order to strengthen the bond between all mothers and children.
  • It wants to involve all political and official persons for its purpose, and as a result of a long effort, when May comes every year; 2. On Sunday, a celebration is held to commemorate and make mothers happy.
  • The mayor of the period liked Anna Jarvis’s idea very much and made a news about this special day honoring the mothers to be spread by everyone.
  • The idea of ​​Mother’s Day is accepted by the United States Congress.
  • Mother’s day was celebrated for the first time in 1908 and after this year it became a tradition.
  • White carnations, which represent the purity and innocence of mothers, are presented to hundreds of mothers on mother’s day.

What about after?

  • However, Anna Jarvis, who strives to commemorate her mother due to developing technology and changing times, begins to be used by malicious people.
  • Many commercial shops have popularized buying gifts for Mother’s Day and selling them for money.
  • Anna Jarvis, that white carnations should not be sold to children; stated that it was given free of charge. But the flower sellers ignored her wish.
  • Anna Jarvis, who sees mother’s day as a special day for her mother, as a sales day and is sad about this situation; He fought against the companies that sold the flowers by suing them.
  • The last move that infuriated Anna Jarvis came when a flower company offered to take profit from the flowers sold.
  • Jarvis was now very upset about this situation. Day after day he felt tired and exhausted. your last days
  • Anna Jarvis, who spent her life in a mental hospital in Pennsylvania, died on November 24, 1948, and her struggle for her mother and mother’s day remained.
  • According to rumored stories, mother’s day has a special meaning. Mother’s Day is also celebrated in our country. Let’s take a short reminder for those who say what can be done on this important date:
  • Persons whose mother has passed away can display a loyal attitude by visiting their mother in the cemetery. Touching their souls on this important day will be spiritually important.
  • Families and mothers living in separate cities can send each other a symbolic gift. The phone conversation with loving words will also bring hearts together.
  • You can come together for a family dinner and live this beautiful day even more meaningfully.
  • To celebrate mother’s day, you can make your mother feel special by taking her on a trip or out to dinner to remember this special day.

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