6 tips on how to have fun alone in the New Year

Remember that you are spending the holiday with your best friend – yourself.

Some consider New Year to be a family holiday and prefer to celebrate it surrounded by several generations of relatives. For some, a celebration is associated with noisy parties with friends or in clubs and restaurants. But one way or another it is customary to celebrate the New Year in the team.

Even the advice on how to meet the holiday alone is mainly concerned with how to avoid this loneliness. The authors recommend that you go on a trip and celebrate the New Year with fellow travelers on the train, or go out and congratulate passers-by, or somehow somehow introduce yourself into the community.

But you can also celebrate in solitude in such a way that remembering it will be joyful and pleasant. If the idea seems dubious to you, here are some tips that might change your attitude.

1. Realize that there is no tragedy in celebration alone

Usually, if a person has no one to celebrate with, it is perceived as something very sad. People are looking for at least someone they can join – no matter who.

But the lonely New Year is not so terrible as it is painted. If you look at it, there is no tragedy in this. There are many things we do because it’s accepted. For example, we are looking for a company for a celebration. But accepted does not mean good for you.

Sometimes staying at home and doing something interesting is much more enjoyable than spending an evening with random people or forcing yourself to have fun.

2. Think of this New Year as an experiment, not as a punishment.

Let’s face it: it’s not so easy for the average person to celebrate the New Year alone. Therefore, when we talk about such a holiday, we are thinking theoretically. But in practice it may turn out to be completely different. If you got a chance to check how it is at all, why not do it? Curious!

3. Realize your benefits

When a lot of people get together, you have to agree on something, look for compromises. One wants Olivier with an apple, another without, the third – another salad altogether. Someone likes to watch “Irony of Fate”, someone “Harry Potter”, and someone associates the New Year exclusively with “Critters”. When you are alone, only your opinion matters.

4. Concentrate on yourself

Communication takes effort. We listen to others, and this often drowns out our own voice. A holiday in solitude is also an excellent occasion to think about yourself and your desires, about your pleasures, about the future.

5. Refer to technological advances

Being alone in an apartment does not necessarily mean spending the whole holiday alone. There is a telephone, instant messengers, video communication. And they allow you not to be limited to one company, but literally travel the world without getting up from your chair.

6. Remember the holidays are long

The attitude that as the year you will meet, so you will spend it, is strong. But superstition aside, the night between December 31st and January 1st is completely normal. And if the soul asks for fun in the team, this can be scheduled for any other day.


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