How to choose the right electric kettle

What you should pay attention to when purchasing an electric kettle:

  1. the material from which the body is made;
  2. volume;
  3. power;
  4. heating method;
  5. additional options;
  6. price.

Available with open and closed heating element. An open tubular electric heater is easy to identify. Opening the lid reveals a coil that looks like a kettle. These are budget options. In addition, the spiral quickly becomes covered with limescale and is difficult to clean. But such a device works almost silently.

Now mostly closed types are produced, which are under the iron disk. It is convenient, aesthetically pleasing and safe. True, it makes a little noise, but not for long: three minutes – and the boiling water is ready.

Body material

The trade network sells plastic, metal, glass and ceramic. The polymer body is cheaper than the others. Plastic is not the most useful material; it interacts with water. More expensive models use eco-friendly synthetic material. But still, for security reasons, you should not use it for more than three years.

Iron ones are made of stainless steel. Such products will not harm your health. These devices have a long shelf life. Unfortunately, the metal heats up easily and cools quickly.

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle will certainly be attracted by glass or ceramics. These kettles meet the strictest standards, the water in them does not have an off-taste. Glass ones are often brightly illuminated, pleasing to the eye and creating intrigue. Ceramics are conservative in design, but differ in elegance and style. I must admit that both glass and ceramic are subject to mechanical stress and get very hot.

Volume, power

Volumes are from 0.5 l to 2 l. A family of two people may well be satisfied with the liter version. If there are four of you, then choose 1.7-2 liters. The larger the displacement, the higher the power. The range of parameters is from 1 kW to 3 kW. Stronger electrical appliances consume more electricity.

Additional options

Modern models are often equipped with additional electronic devices. It can be a timer, a sound signal or a thermostat. Some have the function of prolonged boiling, maintaining the temperature. Others are enriched with an out-of-water protection device. Super kettles are capable of being controlled using a smartphone.

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