41 great gifts for grandma for the New Year

Cute little things for comfort, useful devices in everyday life, elegant accessories and more.

What to give to a grandmother who loves to cook

1. Yoghurt maker

A grandmother who spends a lot of time in the kitchen will certainly be glad to receive some useful appliance as a gift, for example a yogurt maker. You can cook a tasty and healthy fermented milk product in it, and the included jars will allow you to serve it beautifully.

2. Multi-cook

Multifunctional devices will greatly expand your grandmother’s menu and make cooking easier. In addition, they will increase the useful properties of dishes, since for cooking in a multicooker, say, pilaf, you will need very little oil.

3. Embossed rolling pin


With such a raised rolling pin, grandmother will be able to pamper her beloved grandchildren with delicious cookies every day. An especially relevant gift for the New Year season will be rolling tools with themed patterns

4. A set of kitchen utensils


A new set of ladle, slotted spoon, spatula and other accessories will definitely come in handy in the kitchen. You can choose between the classic stainless steel pendants or the ingenious kit suitable for non-stick coatings.

5. Set of potholders


An essential accessory in any kitchen – pot holders. And if you choose a model with an original design, then they will also become a cute detail of the interior.

6. Tablecloth


In order for the tablecloth to please the grandmother for a long time with a beautiful appearance, you should choose models with a water-repellent impregnation. And do not forget to clarify the dimensions and shape of the table before purchasing.

What to give to a grandmother who loves to spend time in the country

1. A set of garden tools


Preparing the soil for sowing, weeding the beds, pruning bushes – any gardening work will make this set of tools easier. Having received such a gift, the grandmother will look forward to the onset of the summer cottage season with special impatience.

2. Sprinkler


Give your gardening grandmother a watering pot, and the cucumbers she grows will be the juiciest, and the roses lush and fragrant. A drip irrigation system is suitable for flower beds, and a rotating sprinkler for flower beds.

3. Garden blower


Clearing fallen leaves and grass clippings is much easier with a garden blower. Wireless models are more convenient to use, but powerful network-powered devices, as a rule, have a wide range of functions.

4. Decorative garden figures


Lovely garden figures will look great surrounded by colorful flowers, pleasing to the eye and raising your spirits. You can choose the classic version in the form of a gnome, or find something funny and original.

5. Garden chair


At the dacha, you can and should not only work, but also relax in the fresh air. A light garden chair, which can be easily carried and installed anywhere, will help Grandma to enjoy the birdsong with maximum comfort.

6. Anti-mosquito lamp


Pesky insects won’t disturb the serenity of summer evenings if you equip your relaxation area with a mosquito lamp. Rest assured, your grandmother will appreciate being able to drink tea on the veranda without the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes.

What to give to a grandmother-needlewoman

1. Bowl for yarn


The most popular type of needlework among grandmothers, of course, is knitting. A bowl for yarn will make the process as convenient as possible: in it the skeins will not get tangled and dirty. And the model with a dense transparent cover is convenient to take on the road.

2. Row counter


Another useful gift for knitters. The device will eliminate the need to recount the rows directly during knitting or after a break, which will significantly save time.

3. Embroidery kit


It is not at all difficult to please a grandmother who prefers embroidery to knitting. Depending on which technique she likes best, choose a beautiful picture for cross stitch or satin stitch. And when the work is finished, the canvas can be set in a frame and hung on the wall.

4. Scissors with laser pointer


Equipped with a laser pointer, the scissors fit comfortably in your hand and allow you to quickly and evenly cut fabric or paper. The tool is powered by button-type batteries, the charge of which will last for a long time.

5. Jewelry box or bag for storing accessories


The needlewoman grandmother probably has a lot of accessories that need to be stored somewhere. A beautiful casket will be an excellent solution for little things, and a comfortable roomy bag is better for bulky skeins of yarn.

What to give to a grandmother who loves home comfort

1. Plaid


Grandma will feel comfortable under a warm blanket while watching her favorite TV series. And if she doesn’t like soap operas, then the gift can be used as a bedspread.

2. Bedside rug


So that, getting out of bed in the morning, grandmother does not get up with her feet on the cold floor, give her a bedside rug. A model with a long soft pile will add coziness to the room, and a walkway decorated with ethnic patterns will give the bedroom the charm of a country house.

3. Photo frame


Present your grandmother with a frame for photos, and the portraits of your beloved grandchildren will always be in the most prominent place. It is better to refuse boring wooden models by choosing something original and cute.

4. Wall decoration


A grandmother who loves comfort will be happy to receive a wall decoration as a gift. An autumn landscape painted on canvas and a tapestry with a beautiful still life will do. But when buying a painting, do not forget to clarify whether the frame is included in the package.

5. Beautiful lamp


Lighting is important to create a cozy atmosphere, because a lamp with a beautiful lampshade will be a suitable New Year’s gift for a grandmother who spends a lot of time at home. In addition, the lamp will be useful to her during reading or handicraft.

What to give a fashionable grandmother

1. Neck scarf


Accessories must be present in the wardrobe of a fashionista, and if the grandmother is used to always looking good, give her a scarf. For example, a silk model decorated with floral prints or intricate patterns.

2. Hat


The next time your grandmother is going to the theater, she will be the most elegant among her friends – and all thanks to the hat you donated.

3. Gloves


So that your grandmother does not freeze her hands when she goes out, give her gloves that match the elegant look. Warm mohair models are unlikely to work, but delicate leather accessories are ideal.

4. Decorations


Every woman will be happy to find jewelry under the New Year tree. Experienced fashionistas will especially love jewelry with stones, for example, agate earrings. Beads made of amber, which are credited with medicinal properties, are also a good choice.

5. Cardigan


This warm knitted cardigan will become your grandmother’s favorite winter outfit. If you want her not to part with the gift even with the onset of spring, present her with an elongated model that can be worn instead of a light jacket.

What to give to a grandmother who loves to walk

1. Poles for Nordic walking


If a grandmother monitors her health, she will not refuse to try such a popular and useful form of activity as Nordic walking. To master a new hobby, she will need special sticks, which, however, will also come in handy for those who just like to walk a lot.

2. Comfortable sneakers


For long walks to be beneficial and not painful in your legs, it is worth choosing the most comfortable shoes, and this is especially important for the elderly. In sneakers with good shock absorption, the grandmother can comfortably walk more than one kilometer, and if she picks up a warmed model for a gift, then she can walk in winter.

3. Thermal underwear


Another gift that will come in handy for lovers of walking in the cold is thermal underwear. Elastic sweatshirts and leggings are made of soft fabric that is pleasant to the body, so don’t be surprised if your granny doesn’t want to take off her new clothes, even at home.

4. Warm tracksuit


So that your grandmother does not refuse to wear this “youth clothing”, opt for a suit with a laconic design. No original parts and neutral colors.

5. Foot massager


The foot massager improves blood circulation, relieves fatigue and helps you relax at the end of a long day. In short, an ideal gift for those who like to walk a lot.

What to give to a grandmother who is interested in modern technologies

1. Smartphone


The grandmother, keeping up with the times, probably has a smartphone. But, perhaps, it would not hurt to update it. She doesn’t need a fancy gadget, but an inexpensive model with a large screen diagonal and a capacious battery will do just fine.

2. Smart bracelet


Once again, a smart bracelet will allow granny to admire the benefits of technology. With it, she will be able to track her heart rate, as well as measure her pulse and blood oxygen levels. Bracelets, designed specifically for the elderly, are simple in design and easy to operate, but traditional models should not cause difficulties.

3. Robot vacuum cleaner


Having received such an au pair as a gift, you can forget about the broom. And if you set a cleaning schedule, then the grandmother does not even have to turn on the vacuum cleaner herself.

4. E-book


A grandmother who has found a time of book scarcity will be happy to receive a gadget as a gift that can hold thousands of works. Just do not forget to start by uploading at least a couple of dozen of her favorite novels to the reader. And choose a model with a larger screen diagonal.

What to give to a grandmother who has a pet

1. Smart cat litter box


Grandmothers love to have pets, but caring for them becomes more difficult with age. A smart litter box will greatly simplify such an unpleasant procedure as cleaning a cat litter, at the same time solving the problem of an unpleasant smell.

2. Automatic bowl


An automatic bowl will eliminate the need to constantly add food and water, and grandmother will definitely not worry that she forgot to feed her furry friend.

3. Interactive toy


If the cat constantly requires attention or loves to hunt for legs, give your grandmother an interactive toy for the New Year. The pet will chase balls for hours or run after the laser beam, and the hostess will watch him with affection.

4. Heated bedding


Granny will definitely be delighted to receive a bedding as a gift, on which her pet will be warm and cozy on cold winter evenings.

5. Luminous collar


In winter, when it gets dark early outside, a glowing collar will come in handy. With him, you will not have to worry about the pet getting lost while walking in a poorly lit park.

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