The first domestic biomorphic underwater robot was created

Scientists from the Center for Neurotechnology and Machine Learning of the Baltic Federal University named after Kant have developed a biomorphic tuna robot.

Nothing like this has yet been done in Russia.

According to RIA Novosti, employees of the Kant Baltic Federal University demonstrated a running model of an underwater biomorphic tuna robot. He will be able to reproduce the principles of movement, navigation and interaction with living organisms in the natural environment, as intended by nature itself, and, if necessary, control the movement of schools of fish in the event of an ecological disaster.

Such an underwater device is being created for the first time in Russia. The new development will provide an opportunity to expand fundamental knowledge, study the mechanics of movement of living organisms, the principles of energy consumption optimization and decision-making systems, but the project also has very specific practical applications – biological resource management, environmental monitoring, search and maintenance of specified objects under water.

The running model can already independently move not only in a straight line, but also turn. Now scientists have to select an engine, batteries, vision sensors, echolocation and other components, as well as develop an artificial intelligence system so that the fish is an autonomous vehicle. And then all this must be packaged in a body that fully reproduces the appearance of a live tuna for organic unity with the natural habitat.

“We just need to copy the algorithm correctly – to create a digital twin of a living organism. But how time-consuming it is to create absolute copies without knowing the source code! For example, we know that a fish swims this way, and not otherwise, in order to minimize the loss of their energy. But how does she use the resources of her body at the same time? This is what we have to learn, ”said IKBFU professor Viktor Kazantsev.


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