NASA announced the reduction of the mesosphere

NASA’s revelation, discovering the reduction of Earth’s Mesosphere

Recently NASA has made a ground breaking announcement related to earths mesosphere, which is the region of atmosphere that is located between the thermosphere and stratosphere. Once the space agency revealed that there has been a huge reduction in the mesosphere that sparks the discussion among space enthusiasts and scientists.

NASA warns that the layer of the atmosphere that protects us from the sun’s deadly ultraviolet radiation is cooling and shrinking due to man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Noctilucent clouds are an incredibly beautiful phenomenon that clearly indicates the negative effects of CO 2 emissions

The mesosphere, located at an altitude of 40–50 to 80-90 km above the surface, cools and contracts every ten years to 150 meters. According to experts, these rates are likely to continue in the future.

Scientists came to such conclusions by analyzing changes in temperature and pressure in the mesosphere in the summer in the region of the North and South Poles using NASA satellites. As part of the study, the researchers focused on studying noctilucent clouds that form from water ice crystals at the edge of space, where the mesosphere is coldest.

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When the temperature gets colder, and the amount of water vapor increases, the clouds begin to “slide” from the poles, and they become visible in other latitudes. As NASA experts explain, this is due to climate change, which affects the upper atmosphere. As the concentration of carbon dioxide increases, the mesosphere becomes colder, which leads to a decrease in atmospheric pressure and its reduction.

Scientists now want to better understand how observations of these clouds can be used as diagnostic tools for understanding meteorology.


What is NASA aeronomy of ice in the mesosphere?

It is the first satellite mission which is dedicated to the study of night shining clouds or noctilucent which is also called polar mesospheric clouds PMCs.

What is the NASA mission to an asteroid?

Psyche is a NASA mission specifically to study a metal rich asteroid with the same name. This is present in the main asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. This mission is NASA’s first mission to study asteroid which has more metal than ice or rock.

How thick is the mesosphere?

Mesosphere is 35 kilometres thick. This layer lies between stratosphere and thermosphere. The word miser means middle and this is the highest layer of atmosphere in which all gases are present rather than being layered by their mass.

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