Mother’s Day Poems: Short and Meaningful

The Most Special Poems for Mother’s Day

There is little time left for Mother’s Day, which is the most beautiful day of the year for all mothers and children. Mother’s Day is a special day celebrated to commemorate and honor mothers. It is celebrated in the second week of May in our country, and in other countries of the world, the celebration times differ.

Many people are looking for gifts and surprises before Mother’s Day even comes. If you want to tell your mother about your feelings with a beautiful poem, we have to say that this article is for you. For Mother’s Day special poetry , we recommend you to take a look at the rest of our article.

Mostly, the Mother’s Day poem is asked to be short and 1 stanza. However, it is not always easy to briefly describe the love for a mother. Poems for Mother’s Day in every style you are looking for are in the continuation of our article! You can send these poems to your mother via text message or you can surprise her by writing them on a piece of paper. If you are far from each other, you can take a video of you reading the poem and send it to your mother. We are sure that your mother will be very happy watching this video!

Here are the Mother’s Day poems we have compiled for you…

Mother’s Day Poems: Short and Meaningful

Mother’s Day poem in 1 stanza:

To my dear mother

My dear mother, you were always with me, You were in
front of me when I knew nothing,
I learned with you, I learned everything with you ,
now I always say that I am glad that you were with me.

Mother’s Day poem in short 2 stanzas:

My Heavenly Mother

My mother is my only one,
Heaven is identical with itself , I
say my mother should not be sad,
I love my mother more than anything.

Mothers, mothers, long-suffering mothers, Mothers
who give everything for their children , It is said that the giver
is always better than the taker,
But you have always been better than me, my dear mother.

Long Mother’s Day poem:

Safest Port

When the waves rise, the sailors look for a harbor . They
are always alone in
their harbor. Those who will protect them from the storm
Not just a roof or a tile

Even when the storm is over, they wait there

I Didn’t Forget You Mom

I haven’t forgotten you mom,
I’m grown up now and I
far away

Mother’s Day poem emotional:

My mother

You are the most beautiful of mothers
, my beautiful mother The
warm spring wind
is You, my beautiful mother
Sun-faced, with a heart of gold Solemn
, sweet-tongued
Like the wife of angels
You are my beautiful mother
Blooming flower, cascading water
Smiling vast feeling You are the
happiness of our home
You are my beautiful mother

Mother’s Day poem short:


I miss your voice,
your smell mom , I
miss your eyes,
I miss your words.
I miss your scent,
my beautiful mother.
He raised me,
kept me alive. Was n’t it you
who made me walk , My beautiful mother.

Loving Mother’s Day poem:

My Angel on Earth

Before I came to Earth, I
begged the Creator.
I cried sobbing, sobbing
How can I live on Earth?

The Great Creator said:

I sent an angel to Earth
. He doesn’t eat, he makes you eat.
He doesn’t wear it, he dresses you.
How will I know it?
You will call her mother.

Poem about mother’s love:

Love of Mother

Your heat has permeated me,
I love you mother,
You are the one who gave me blood without you, who gave
me life.
When I was little, I sip by sip,
I slept with your milk.
Lullabies to my ear,
What did you say?
You raised me mother, You made
me walk mother, When I can’t see you,
hug your shadow

Special Poem for Mother’s Day:

Mothers Day

It is green now, black cloud in your heart,
Today is mother’s day, my mother forget me.
At home, the pain is lying in your bosom,
Wear it out of spite, and it has sunk into May,
Walk on the street, let the dreams of your children flow
Walk so that the flowers in the pots look at you.
Choose a song from your young memories in your tongue, Pass
by the school where I grew up for five years, If it gets wet,
dry your memories in the sun,
Don’t forget today is your day, forget me
Sky blue, sea blue, don’t stand on the very shore , throw me off
your skirt again.
My mother, the star is falling, make a wish,
The boy with short pants is running to you
In your eyes, a thousand hopes in your eyes…

Necip Fazıl Kısakürek – Poetry of My Mother

Take your white-haired head in your hand, Dive into
black dreams, my dear!
Shake your trembling heart to the wind of luck,
Like a fine feather, my mother!

Do not think that one day these darknesses will pass,
After the night, there is night again;
Children sob, mothers cry,
Stay with your tearful eyes, mommy!

A deep nothingness in your eyes, Your
wing spread, to flutter;
If he says there is a trip this winter,
take me with you mommy!..

Ahmet Kutsi Tecer – My Mother

I spend the holidays with my mother,
A light appears in that yellowed gasoline;
In these cute days, he is sure of the sadness and the pain,
Avunurum is on his knee like a child.

My life takes on the air of an old fairy tale, I
live happy days, without remembering tomorrow;
The days seem endlessly long
, I laugh, I have fun, I sing tirelessly.

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