Why You Need to Attend HealthCare Conference TravCon

TravCon is the largest conference regarding healthcare. This conference will be held in the United States. Every Year, In September, Healthcare professionals attend TravCon in Las Vegas from all over the world. Surprisingly, almost 1700 Traveling Healthcare experts participated in the TravCon conference


The TravCon is not just a Conference but an Event of the year. Thus, it is the amalgamation of different opportunities. People can hear legendary experts in the industry. It provides opportunities to earn CEs. This conference helps to make connections among other talents. In this article, you will explore TravCon, its background, Why you should join the TravCon conference, the registration process of TravCon, and much more. 

Background of TravCon

The conference was established in 2007. This conference aims to educate the Travel Healthcare Industry. Travcon exhibitors give you excellent information in the area of health. Moreover, This conference connects mindful individuals under one roof. 

TravCon was initially founded by the Travelers. These people wanted to build a community. The Focal point of this community is to create an environment full of sound knowledge and a supportive culture. Hence, you will experience an amazing environment when you attend this conference. Furthermore, you will learn from legends and meet numerous skilled people in this industry.

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What is the Purpose of TravCon?

The Traveling health care profession needs to be clarified and more manageable. With the lack of knowledge, you won’t be able to work smartly. Hence, TravCon helps you by sharing all the relevant details for your experience. With community support, you will be a skillful and mindful healthcare traveler.

What are the Benefits of TravCon?

Nobody knows or has a clue regarding your assignments and travel. Surprisingly, TravCon initiators know that. The leaders give you a guarantee regarding their services. By this platform, you will become a better-paid and smarter person. Moreover, it helps you to become a savvy healthcare traveler.


TravCon trains you and makes you a confident person. Through this conference, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In addition, it gives you the strength and confidence to work with giant agencies. 

Network with medical professionals

TravCon gives you wings to build connections with fellow medical professionals. You will meet Travel nurses with amazing skills from all over the country. It is a wonderful token to gain experience relevant to your industry. You can count this conference as a family reunion since it’s a chance to meet your potential assignments. Ultimately, it is a perfect platform to learn from others’ experiences and failures, share out-of-the-box ideas, and much more. 

Education Units

This conference connects you with like-minded people like you. It’s an opportunity to earn CEUs. TravCon arranges seminars and sessions that are full of priceless knowledge and education.


You can attend workshops that share details regarding the industry and its products and services. Furthermore, it gives you lifelong valuable insights and research that benefit your healthcare career.

Benefits from Guest Speakers

It gives you a new perspective to understand things. You will hear so many untold stories from speakers. It invites Mr. Foster to the conference. He has more than 45 years of experience in Critical care, LPN, and pediatric Nurse. Other than him, so many dedicated speakers are also invited. 

How to attend the TravCon Conference

The process of the TravCon Registration is quite easy. You have to follow the following steps.

  1. Book your Tickets through the TravCon website.
  2. Register yourself for the ticket.
  3. After Registration, You will get a TravCon Discount code.
  4. After that, You can get discounted hotel rooms. The hotels would be Horseshoe Hotel or The Paris Hotel through this discount.
  5. Lastly, once you log in, the countdown of the Conference is benign. 

What is the Schedule of TravCon 

The TravCon Conference will held in September in Las Vegas. This Event will commence on 17 September 2023. And will continue till 20 September 2023. Book your tickets to experience an amazing healthcare career. For Example, gaining knowledge and connecting with legends of healthcare. At the same time, have fun and enjoy the rooftop party.

TravCon Exhibitors 

Many Exhibitors attend TravCon. Surprisingly, they not only come with amazing booths but also bring lots of prizes for you. Even their booths pay almost 70% off your tickets.


Facilities of TravCon 

TravCon tickets include the following beneficial events for you.

  1. You can attend Out-of-the-box presentations from the legends of the healthcare industry.
  2. More than five seminars will be designed. Hence, you will learn travel taxes because Joseph Smit will deliver these from Travel Tax.
  3. You will connect with amazing legends since all the attendees are from healthcare. It helps you to make connections with smart people.
  4. Optional events also included such as Gold, hiking, etc.
  5. Since vendors are also part of this conference, it helps boost your travel experience.
  6. Exhibitors will distribute amazing gifts among the attendees.
  7. You can enjoy two Buffet breakfasts and brunch as well.
  8. Past travelers say these breakfasts and brunch are far better than wedding foods.
  9. There is a happy hour reception after the conference. The core purpose of this reception is to make networks among travelers and exhibitors. 
  10. You will experience the pretty party at Drai’s Night Club. Moreover, Founders will book the whole club for you.
  11. Lastly, you buy this ticket to make lifelong friends and have an amazing experience.


TravCon is the largest conference regarding healthcare held in the United States. Every Year, In September, Healthcare professionals attend TravCon in Las Vegas. Almost 120 exhibitors attended this conference. It is one of the best conferences for your learning and experience. You will explore different areas of health through seminars and workshops. You can enjoy a happy hour reception after the conference.

 It is the amalgamation of different opportunities. You can hear legendary experts. It provides opportunities to earn CEs. Furthermore, this conference allows you to make connections among other talents. Moreover, Optional events also included such as Gold, hiking, etc. Lastly, it allows you to make lifelong friends and have an amazing experience.

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