Flowers are like little kisses from God offered to humanity!!!

Flowers have been used as gifts and presents for people all across the world for millennia. Few countries in the world can boast a culture as ancient and diverse as India’s. As a symbol of tolerance and brotherhood for more than 4000 years, India has long included floral arrangements at national, social and personal festivals and solemnities as well as on events of national significance., social, and personal celebrations, solemnities, and occasions of national, social, and personal significance. Because of the varied social, religious, and symbolic meanings assigned to various species of flora, gifting flowers in India can be a difficult task at times.

Well! Here’s a step-by-step guide to mastering the art of flower gifting in India.

In India, Popular Flower Gifting Days:

India is one of the most absorbed cultures on the planet. With hundreds of languages, religions, creeds, and ethnic groups coexisting together, practically every day is a celebration. As a result, flowers play an essential role in various events. Flowers and floral arrangements are in high demand as ritual and gift items. Thinking about sending a flower tribute to someone you care about in India for a special occasion? Don’t worry about it. Here’s a complete list of India’s most important floral donation days and best flower recommendations for each occasion. You can send flowers to Nagpur and make someone’s day more special.


The Greatest Showman An Indian wedding is a riot of colour, ceremony, and community. Flowers play an important part in both gifting and event design. It’s a good idea to keep the following in mind when giving flowers as a gift.

How to Select Congratulatory Flowers:

Red roses are symbols of love and thus make an ideal present for the occasion. Adding Lilies, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums, Sunflowers, Daisies, and Carnations to your floral arrangement improves its appearance and aesthetic value.

‘Shagun’ (cash presents in ornate envelopes) are a traditional manner of gifting in India. Gift vouchers redeemable on trips (depending on your budget) or to popular e-commerce businesses are also a wonderful alternative if you want to stray from tradition.

Greetings for the Wedding:

A congratulations message is a sophisticated method to close the gifting loop. The best approach to express your feelings is with a handwritten message. Use a simple but attractive card and message that says something like, “Thank you for including us in your celebrations; we wish you all the love and luck as you embark on a lifelong adventure with one other.” Congratulations on your marriage.”

Flowers that symbolise love, such as roses and lilies, are essential for a wedding bouquet. S-shaped arrangements or a high vertical arrangement are the way to go.


Funerals in India are a moment to express condolences for the bereaved family’s loss. In India, floral tributes are commonly used to pay final respects. They provide a sense of calm and camaraderie with the deceased’s relatives.

Choosing flowers to send as a condolence:

White flowers are commonly used during funerals to represent purity and to symbolise hope as well as sadness. As a result, white lilies, roses, daisies, and even chrysanthemums are appropriate expressions of sympathy and unity.

Message of Condolence:

While written condolence notes are uncommon, they can be provided as a sign of empathy, support, and solidarity with the bereaved family. The message can say something like, “In life, he/she was a great friend and someone we looked up to.” We will always remember him fondly, and our hearts go. Our thoughts and prayers go to you and your family during this difficult time.

Wreaths and sprays are the most popular bouquet choice because they can be placed directly on the coffin or grave, although white flowers are the norm during a funeral. A bouquet or wreath of the deceased’s favourite flowers would undoubtedly be a heartfelt tribute.

Where Do Flowers Come From in India?

India, with its numerous important festivals, is one of the world’s most active flower markets. While Mexico has a thriving horticulture industry, demand for exotic flowers will always be high. India imports goods from all around the world. Tulips, Lilies, Gerberas, and Daisies from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France, as well as roses from Central and South America. Asian lily, chrysanthemums and other seasonal flowers are popular in India from Japan, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.


Birthdays are a big event in India, and you’ll almost always want to spoil your friends, family, and loves on their special day. That being stated, here are a few pointers to assist you make the best option for the appropriate floral gift for them for this occasion.

Flowers to accompany:

Roses (for close relationships such as a girlfriend, father, or mother) make perfect sense depending on your relationship to the person celebrating their birthday. Tulips, Gerberas, Carnations, Daisies, or Lilies may be appropriate depending on your relationship with your pals.


Depending on the person’s age, interests, and likes, a wide range of presents from chocolates to perfumes and everything in between may be presented.

Greetings on your birthday:

No present is ever complete without a greeting card; for birthdays, hand write a greeting that says something like, “On your special day, I wish you The best in love, the best in the treasures of life, the very best in health, in money and in pleasure.“Happy Birthday.”


Christmas, like most festivals, is widely celebrated in India. This is a time for getting together with relatives and having a party to celebrate the holiday. Temperate India enjoys pleasant weather at this time of year, and a wide variety of flowers are available for gift-giving and home décor. Consider roses, lilies, hydrangeas, carnations, gerberas, and daisies to truly bring a smile to your loved ones’ cheeks while also brightening up the home. You can order flowers online and make the occasion more special for your loved ones.

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