How to design great-looking, unique & eco-friendly die-cut boxes? 6 easy tips

Do you know different tips to design great-looking, unique, and eco-friendly custom die-cut boxes? Here we will explain different tricks to design them.

When you have to make your products prominent in retail stores, you should make use of great-looking custom die-cut boxes. There are different ways to make them appealing and more exciting. You should know how to increase their catchiness. Learn different tips that can help to create elegant boxes.

Work on their shapes

When you have to develop great-looking die-cut boxes, you should know that it isn’t possible without working on shapes. You must know that there are numerous shapes of boxes. The common shapes include rectangular, square, cubic, and round boxes. You can realize that common shapes don’t have enough potential to help you stand out from the crowd. When you have to make a difference, you have to work hard and go the extra mile. You must devise creative and imaginative shapes. You may consider pillow boxes, sleeve boxes, pyramid boxes, and briefcase boxes. You do have a big array of opportunities to devise innovative shapes. Creating customized shapes will help you earn appreciation.

Find green materials

You can understand that our environment has suffered a lot due to various human activities. Plastic packaging waste remained a big issue over the years. It has created many problems for humans and other living organisms. You shouldn’t use plastic materials for your boxes. You should go out of the box to find the most suitable eco-friendly materials. You should know that cardboard, kraft, and bux board is different kinds of green materials. You must use them for manufacturing die-cut boxes wholesale. They are recyclable and decomposable. They can help to keep the environment safe from different kinds of bad impacts due to packaging waste. 

Add die-cut windows

Every brand desires to have enticing die-cut packaging. When you have to manufacture enticing packaging, you must be creative. You have seen that different boxes come with window cutouts. Do you know the advantage of these windows? They help the onlookers see inside the box. You can also utilize these windows to add elegance to your boxes. You should create customized windows. You should use heart-shaped windowpanes or windows that resemble your logo. They will look more lovable and exciting. They can help to grab the attention of customers and increase your sales.

Print unique content

You may have seen that different kinds of boxes come with different kinds of printed content. We know that choice of content for printing depends upon the type of product to be packaged inside the box. You can make your boxes great-looking by printing product-related graphics. You should print HD and high-quality graphics.

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They should be creative and exceptional. You can also print drawings, illustrations, or patterns on your boxes. You should print whatever you can to make your printed die-cut boxes lovable and more exciting. Printed content will double their attractiveness and help you grab more customers.

Enhance attractiveness via embellishments

You should know that except printing, you can have many other ways of making your packaging boxes lovable and remarkable. You can use different kinds of finishing techniques for diversifying the visual outlook of boxes. You can utilize embossing for imprinting the logo of your company. It will help to raise the image of the logo of your company against the background. You can also use debossing for this purpose. Both embossing and debossing can make your boxes look versatile. You can also add elegance via different types of coatings such as matte, spot UV, and gloss. You can also use metallic foiling. These are different tricks that can help to make a big difference.

Spread brand awareness

You should know that the name of your brand should be popular among the audience. You can’t have a good position in the market without promoting your brand. You shouldn’t forget the opportunity of promotion via packaging boxes. For this purpose, you should print the name and logo of your company on your boxes. You should also print some textual details to let the audience know why your brand is better than others. Using this strategy can help to make your brand popular in the market. It can help you become a market leader over time.

We have described different tricks to design great-looking, unique, and eco-friendly custom die-cut boxes. We have come to know that their shape and printed content can play a significant role in determining their attractiveness. You should make use of these tricks for setting your boxes apart from others.


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