How to decorate a Christmas tree: awesome ideas for every taste

Create a magical holiday atmosphere at home.

Decide on the color scheme

It all depends on your preferences and imagination. There are no clear rules – make the Christmas tree colorful or more laconic by choosing one or several primary colors.

The traditional festive color is red. It matches perfectly with green, gold and white. By choosing these shades, you will definitely not go wrong.

You can dress the tree entirely in gold or add white accents to it.

A Christmas tree in silver tones looks especially gentle. White and blue elements will fit wonderfully here.

If all this is too usual for you, try dressing the tree in non-standard colors, for example, pink, purple, green, blue. Or pair some bold shades together.

If you have a colored or white-coated Christmas tree, start from its color – it will be the main one. You can choose decorations to match the branches or play with contrast.

Hang up decorations

First of all, do not forget to hang electric garlands on the tree. . There are several ways to do this:

When choosing jewelry, do not be afraid to give free rein to your imagination. You can resort to the good old classics and just hang up balls and other toys. Such a tree will look laconic, but at the same time elegant.

Very large balls, stars and other decorations look original.

Add bows to the tree – small or very large. You can dilute the rest of the toys with them or make the main emphasis on them.

Christmas trees with floral decor look very unusual.

You can also decorate the Christmas tree with ribbons. There are many ways to arrange them, such as in a circle, diagonally, top to bottom, or criss-cross.

Add handmade elements

Handmade decor will add uniqueness and home comfort to the tree. The creation process will surely give you a lot of fun. And the hanging decorations will delight the eye, remind of pleasant moments or a loved one, if it was a gift.

Not only homemade garlands and toys can be hung on the tree . Dried circles of citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks or Christmas cookies on strings, photographs, small gifts and paper snowflakes will look great .

Decorate the bottom of the tree

Cover the unsightly cross with a Christmas tree skirt. Try to match it with the rest of the decorations.

You can buy a ready-made skirt or make it yourself. 

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