What applications to download to the phone immediately after purchase

Buying a new smartphone is always a great joy. But emotions quickly pass and are replaced by the desire to squeeze the maximum out of your car: to see how the new device differs from the old one, to test the camera, to evaluate the speed of the interface and the volume of the speakers. Of course, some manufacturers install programs right out of the box, but they are unlikely to be able to fully reveal all the chips. Therefore, we offer you the best applications that can overclock your smartphone and show what it is capable of. I am sure everyone will find something for themselves here.

  • Spotify is the best best streaming service
  • SwiftKey is a good Android keyboard
  • Office Lens – document scanner from Microsoft
  • Which cloud storage to choose
  • Tapet – wallpaper app

Spotify is the best best streaming service

To be honest, the first thing I do is always download a music streaming service to my new smartphone. I do this because even if the new device is worse than the old one in some respects, from the point of view of the speakers it will definitely be better. They’re clean!

Later, when you figure it out, you can download anything: YouTube Music, Yandex.Music, Deezer, SberZvuk. But I recommend starting with Spotify. This is due primarily to the fact that the main criterion for a cool service is not the quality of the compositions (music lovers will forgive me), but recommendations.

Spotify selects songs so clearly to your taste that you are amazed. Their recommendations are even cooler than Instagram ads, which almost always hit the target. Start with it, and if you want to start something else, Yandex.Music makes excellent Russian-language collections. It is unlikely that they have competitors in this sense.

SwiftKey is a good Android keyboard

Recently we told you about the best keyboard on Android and this is not SwiftKey at all. Rest assured, there is a clear explanation for this. Google’s Gboard offers a bunch of different tools to work with, from a built-in translator to a personal dictionary. Specifically, SwiftKey interests us as a keyboard with a shared clipboard between Windows and Android .

SwiftKey is one of the few truly decent Microsoft products.

Just imagine, the question will never arise again – how to copy text from your phone to your computer . It’s as easy and simple as that. I downloaded it, logged in to my Microsoft account and use it. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the setup instructions here . Rest assured, nothing complicated.

As for the main function of this application, everything is also very good. In the comments under the post where we talked about Gboard, users wrote that Swift is much more convenient in terms of typing.

Office Lens – document scanner from Microsoft

A document scanner may be needed by everyone: from scanning a school essay to reports on the company’s work. Yes, it is quite possible that you will not use the application more often than 2-3 times a month, but it is important to just download and understand it.

Again, there are a lot of scanners on Google Play. Choosing something worthy of them is not so easy. The collection presents a solution from Microsoft for several reasons. Firstly, you will not find a heap of unnecessary tools in it, and secondly, Gates’ charges will definitely take care of their application, and in case of serious problems, you will know for sure about it.

Everyone needs a document scanner. It is a fact.

Plus, the scanner can work even at an angle or in a room with a weak light, which is captivating, because very often we scan documents on a run. Previously, the author of AndroidInsider.ru Ivan Kuznetsov spoke about the application , where he described all the features of the program in detail. Go on, read, download. Well, if it doesn’t merge with Microsoft, you can take a closer look at your native Google.

Which cloud storage to choose

Even if you purchased a smartphone with 512 GB on board, cloud storage will still come in handy. With it, you can save memorable photos to a separate album, transfer files from Android to Windows, and much more.

If you already have a cool cloud service that you are completely satisfied with, please. But if not, I recommend checking out Google Drive. Convenient but simple interface, good integration with Google services, 15 GB of free storage and a few more chips make it worth its weight in gold for me.

The Google Drive interface has become familiar to me over the years.

Tapet – wallpaper app

It seems that now the majority of users have abandoned bright dynamic wallpapers and other tinsel, which was very popular three years ago. It is much cooler to supply classic wallpapers of good quality now. And it’s even better if they change automatically. I don’t know about you, but I am extremely tired of updating the splash screen manually.

Cool wallpaper app for Android.

For such tasks, the Tapet application is perfect. Here you can find cool Android 12 wallpapers that will definitely appeal to many. Yes, it will not work to stand out with them, but it is not necessary. The main thing is that everything looks neat and beautiful.

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