Pink stripe on the screen of a Samsung phone. How to fix

No matter how you monitor your smartphone, no one is immune from various technical problems. And I’m not even talking about mechanical damage and other misfortunes. It often happens that the problem arises out of the blue. The pink stripe on the Samsung screen is one of those. In most cases, owners encounter it completely by accident. If you encounter such a strip on the display, do not rush to carry your smartphone to a service center. In our article we will analyze in detail the cause of such an ailment, we will discuss several solutions that can help.

Just the other day, the news about the purple stripe in the Galaxy S22 Ultra swept across the Internet . Users of the new Samsung smartphone began to complain about a strip suddenly appearing along the entire length of the display. Having understood the issue, I realized that the owners of new smartphones are not alone. This has happened before.

Why do lines appear on the phone screen

There can be many reasons why stripes appear on a smartphone. Here are the main ones:

  • Mechanical damage to the phone.
  • Moisture in the smartphone.
  • Loop problems.
  • Problems with the display matrix.
  • Smartphone software failure.
  • Manufacturing defects.

It is clear that if the strip on the screen appeared after a serious fall, nothing will come of doing it yourself, it is much better to contact the service center as soon as possible and get qualified help. Next, we will talk exclusively about software failures.

How to remove the bar on the phone display

According to as yet unconfirmed data, the Galaxy S22 problem can be fixed by changing the color and resolution settings. To do this, enter the command * # 0 * # in the Phone application and alternately press the red, green and blue colors. This is how you can reset Samsung display settings .

Samsung itself says that if the smartphone has not undergone any damage, you should not immediately run to a service center. You can try to solve the problem yourself with some simple manipulations:

  • Disable developer options.
  • Check your phone in safe mode.
  • Reset all settings.

How to disable developer mode on Samsung

First, try Disable Developer Mode if you had one enabled. We recently touched on this issue in the context of Xiaomi smartphones, where we said that it is better not to turn it on without unnecessary need.

To disable developer mode on Samsung , you will need:

  • Open Settings on your Samsung smartphone.
  • Scroll down to the Developer Options section.
  • Turn off the toggle switch opposite the Enabled item in the menu.

How to enable safe mode on samsung

Also, the operation of the smartphone may be affected by applications that you have downloaded after purchase. You can fix this problem by using Safe Mode.  why you need a safe mode on Android . If you’re interested, take a look.

To start your Samsung phone in safe mode, you will need:

  • Turn off your device completely.
  • Next, turn on the phone, press and hold the volume down key until the Samsung logo appears.
  • After that, Safe Mode should appear in the lower left corner.

If everything works as it should in this mode, then the reason lies in the installed software. Unfortunately, I can’t say which application is to blame, so I recommend trying to remove the latest applications.

How to reset Samsung to factory settings

If the bar does not disappear in safe mode, try completely resetting all smartphone settings. Please note that all data stored on the smartphone will be lost. Take care of a backup copy in advance in order to save all important information.

To reset Samsung to factory settings , you will need:

  • Open Settings, General settings.
  • Next, scroll through the menu and find the Reset section.
  • Tap on Reset data (Reset device).
  • Confirm the action by clicking Reset.
  • After that, the phone will reboot and erase all data.

In the near future, Samsung should comment on the situation and offer a solution for new smartphones.

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