How to see Rai on mobile

You are not very used to the world of technology, far from it, but you have recently bought a smartphone and you have discovered that you can also use it to watch some of your favorite TV shows. In particular, they told you about RaiPlay : an app through which you can see not only Rai channels live, but also access shows, films and TV series in on demand mode (that is, at any time you want). Therefore, you would like to delve into the matter and better understand how this solution works, which seems particularly interesting to you.

No problem: if you want to know in detail how to see Rai on your mobile , all you have to do is take a few minutes to read the next paragraphs. In this guide, in fact, I will explain in detail how to download the app on your smartphone, be it an Android device or an iPhone, and how to use it to see your favorite content.

How do you say? Are you afraid of having to take out some paid subscription? Don’t worry: all RaiPlay contents are free, supported by some minimally invasive advertising interruption. That said, all I have to do is wish you good reading and, above all, good viewing!


  • How to see Rai on mobile: RaiPlay
    • How to install the RaiPlay app
    • How to see Rai live on mobile
    • How to see Rai Play on your mobile
  • How to watch Rai on your mobile phone from a browser
  • Other useful solutions

How to see Rai on mobile: RaiPlay

If you agree, I would immediately get down to business by explaining how to see Rai on your mobile with RaiPlay . In the next paragraphs, therefore, you will be able to learn the procedure for installing the app and the different ways of using the contents made available by the latter, namely live (Rai channels live) and content on demand .

How to install the RaiPlay app

To begin, let’s see how to install the RaiPlay app on the smartphone. The latter is compatible with all Android devices starting from version 5.0 (also available on alternative stores , for devices that do not integrate Google services) and with iPhones equipped with iOS 10 and later.

To install it, therefore, just connect to one of the links above and press the Install / Get button : the procedure takes place automatically, but on the iPhone you may also be asked to verify your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or password of the ID Apple .

How to see Rai live on mobile

If you are particularly interested in finding out how to access live broadcasts through the RaiPlay app and understand, for example, how to watch Rai 1 on your mobile , in this chapter I will explain the procedure to be followed in a clear and exhaustive way.

First of all, I want to inform you that no registration is required to take advantage of the live mode, so you can start streaming your favorite Rai channels without having to provide any personal data. Once the app has been started by pressing, on its icon, in fact, just press the TV Channels button located in the center of the menu (below) and press the Direct option to the next step.

At this point you will not have any difficulty in understanding how to see Rai live on your mobile : in fact, you just need to tap on the preview of your favorite channel from the list that is proposed to you. In addition to the channel names, you will also find information on the programs currently airing ( title , start time and some short additional information ).

If, for example, you want to understand how to watch Rai 2 on your mobile phone , then press on the relevant box and wait for the streaming to load on the app player , which will automatically take place in full screen . However, consider that you may be offered short promotional videos (lasting a few seconds) before you can access the actual live stream. These are, therefore, additional advertisements with respect to the advertising breaks that normally intervene between the development of a broadcast on TV.

The RaiPlay app, as you will see, is particularly functional and convenient to use: in fact, to access the various commands of its player while streaming content, simply touch the display. In the central part, the Play / Pause button will appear , which allows you to stop and resume playback at any time.

Obviously, however, since it is a live broadcast, the streaming will not resume from the same moment it was paused, but will align itself with the actual timing of the broadcast. You can still act on the progress bar below , during playback, by sliding it forward or backward with your finger to go back to a different point of the live stream, or using the side buttons that move the stream by 10 seconds at a time.

How do you say? Did you miss the start of one of your favorite shows and don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, the RaiPlay app provides a very useful feature, called Restart , which restarts the broadcast exactly from the beginning. To activate it, simply press the button with the curved arrow to the left of the progress bar, while to return to the live broadcast you need to press the symbol that will appear in its place, marked by a dot with waves on the sides .

In the lower part of the player there are other useful features that I would like to tell you about: the first, represented by the icon with the letter “i” , allows you to consult detailed information on the program in progress.

Would you like to know, instead, how to see Rai 3 on your mobile phone while you are watching another channel, without returning to the main menu? Easy! Press the next button with the symbol of the 9 squares and you can directly access a screen with the whole bouquet of the Rai offer, from which you can select by pressing the live program of your choice.

The button with the cartoon symbol, on the other hand, allows you to manage the audio language and select the original one for the broadcast, or activate, where possible, an audio description . Finally, the button with the gear symbol opens the player settings , through which you can select playback speed and quality .

How to see Rai Play on your mobile

As already mentioned, the RaiPlay platform also offers a vast catalog of on-demand content , which can always be accessed from the app of the same name that I told you about in detail in the previous chapters. In this case, however, to be able to use it, it is necessary to register an account in advance . The only exceptions are cartoons, series and programs for younger children, which are freely available without registration.

To proceed with the creation of an account, once the app is started, press the ☰ icon located at the bottom right, then tap the Register button , located at the top right of the new screen.

At this point you can choose to associate your existing profile relating to Facebook , Twitter , Google , Apple or HUAWEI services by pressing the relevant button (in this case you will be sent back to the respective authentication form), or to create one from scratch by filling in the below. fields Name , Surname , Email , Repeat Email , Password , Repeat Password , Date of birth and Gender .

To proceed in this last mode, therefore, it is necessary to tap on the boxes relating to the declaration of acknowledgment of the privacy policy and to the acceptance of the personalization services of the Rai offer and then press the Register button .

To confirm the registration, you must also click on the activation link received at the email address previously provided. After doing this, press the hamburger menu with the ☰ symbol again and press, this time, the Login button , then enter your email address and password and tap one last time on the Login button .

At this point, it will immediately appear clear how to see Rai Play on your mobile : in fact, you simply have to touch the On demand button from the menu located at the bottom (the second icon) and select, on the next screen, the category of interest. For example, if you want to view the offer relating to TV series , press the wording of the same name, then scroll the following screen, both vertically and horizontally, to consult the available programs.

Once you have identified the content you are interested in, tap on the relevant box and you will be redirected to an information sheet with all the details of the program. At this point, press the Play button to start streaming. For the functioning of the player, please refer to the instructions of the previous chapter : the only difference is that, for the on demand contents, the Restart function has not been integrated , dedicated only to live television.

It is possible to download some content on demand on the device (only for a selection of titles available on RaiPlay, including fiction , programs , documentaries or TV series ) to be able to use it even in offline mode : in this case, in the program information sheet you will also find the presence of the appropriate button.

In the case, however, of TV series consisting of several episodes, the download button is located to the right of the single episode. After downloading the chosen program, you can access it at any time by pressing the More button and tapping the Download item .

Another particularly useful feature in the RaiPlay app is the one that allows you to associate the smart TV , in order to synchronize your profile and your content with the TV. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, I suggest you read my dedicated guide , in which I show you in detail how it works.

Furthermore, I would like to point out the presence of the TV Guide / Replay mode : this is an option, present in the TV Channels menu , which allows you to access both programs already broadcast for which Rai holds the Internet exploitation rights called Replay , which provide a maximum availability of 7/14 days from the date of transmission (in this case it is also possible to start playback by pressing on the relevant box), and to view the schedule of the following three days, in order to consult the information on the times and duration of future broadcasts.

In conclusion, if you have a Chromecast device , I remind you that by connecting your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as the device in question you can transmit the RaiPlay contents on the TV: I have talked about it in more detail here .

How to watch Rai on your mobile phone from a browser

Are you having space problems on your smartphone or have you encountered the incompatibility of the app with your device? Don’t worry: in this case, in fact, you can always connect from the browser of your device (eg Chrome on Android or Safari on iPhone) to the site and take advantage of the player integrated into the resource in question.

Also in this case the live broadcasts can be viewed without the need to register , while the on demand contents require the creation of an account , which can be done as shown in the previous chapter .

The interface of the site reflects in all respects that of the app, with the only difference that you will also find the address bar of your browser at the top of the various screens of the service.

Once the streaming of the chosen content has started, however, it is possible to view it in full screen by simply touching the display and pressing the last button at the bottom right, which shows the symbol of a square (to exit, however, you need to press the Back button mobile phone).

As for the other features, they are completely identical to those exposed in the previous chapters, but are distributed in the lower part of the player. I inform you, however, that it is not possible to download the contents as it happens in the RaiPlay app, for use in offline mode.

Other useful solutions

Would you like to be able to evaluate other useful solutions to see Rai on your mobile phone? Well, in this chapter I will suggest some valid alternatives that still allow you to access many streaming contents offered by Rai.

  • SuperGuidaTV( Android / iPhone ) – this is an app that, in addition to the possibility of consulting the schedule of the main television channels, allows you to access both live shows and an On Demand section , which can be selected from the main menu. In all cases, however, you will be sent directly to the streaming on the official websites of the various broadcasters (including that of Rai)
  • TVDream( Android / iPhone ) – with this app you can access the live streaming of the selected channels by redirecting to the broadcaster’s site. The app also offers a convenient breakdown of broadcasts by genre: if, for example, you want to see a Rai sports channel, you can access it by selecting the Categories button from the main menu , pressing the Sport item and tapping on the Rai Sport thematic channel. or to the high definition version Rai Sport HD

I sincerely hope I have been helpful in understanding how to see Rai on the phone . If the topic intrigues you and you would like to have an overview of how to watch TV on mobile , I am sure you will find this article particularly interesting.

In addition, I have also created a guide in which I explain the operation of what I consider the best apps for watching TV . If, on the other hand, you have missed watching some program you particularly care about, then I suggest you take a look at the appropriate suggestions contained in this guide .


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