Wireless headphones are not charging – why and what to do?

Top causes of TWS earbuds charging problems and tips to solve this problem.

Wireless headphones may not charge for several reasons, but most often it is not a breakdown. Consider ways to fix this problem at home without the help of service center specialists.

Protective film on contacts

If your wireless headphones do not charge immediately after purchase, the reason may be the protective film. Not all users know or remember that the headphone contacts are initially sealed with a special protective film. If it is transparent, you may not immediately notice it. In this case, charging will not go on, since the contacts of the headphones and the case do not touch.

In order for the headphones to start charging, the film on both contacts must be peeled off.

Dust on contacts or in connector

Headphones may refuse to charge if their contacts are clogged with dust or dirt. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully wipe them with a dry cloth, without applying much effort. This applies to both the contacts of the headphones themselves and the contacts in the case.

Fuse contact

If one earbud is not charging (the indicator on it does not light up), you need to check the contacts inside the case. Most often they stick out above the surface, but sometimes they can fall. If some contact is lower than the rest, you can try to gently pry it with a toothpick or a needle.

The earpiece is not inserted correctly

Most headphones have LEDs that indicate the status of the device. During charging, they most often light up in red (sometimes in a different) color. If the indicator is off, you need to check if the earpiece is correctly positioned inside the case. Some devices have an atypical shape, so it may be necessary to clarify the desired position of the earphone using the instructions.

Case empty

If the headphone case is completely discharged, it will not charge the headphones. Therefore, it is necessary to put it on charge and check whether it is charging itself – in this case, the corresponding indicator on the case will light up.

If the case indicator is off, you need to check the charger – its cable or power adapter may be damaged. If necessary, it is worth replacing the memory with another one and checking if the situation has changed.

Headphone out of sync

Sometimes the headphones can get out of sync, causing one of them to stop charging or stop working. To fix this problem, you need to reset your headphones and re-sync.

Nozzle problem

For people with non-standard ear shapes, there are special silicone tips so that the headphones do not fall out when running or playing sports. They can interfere with contact contacts, and hence charging. It is recommended that you remove these earbuds from your headphones before inserting them into the compartments of the case.

Wrong temperature

To charge the headphones, the optimal temperature is required – from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius. If this value is higher or lower, the device may not charge, so leaving it, for example, in a car on a hot day in direct sunlight is not recommended.

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