What is a PUK code | How to find PUK code?

What is a PUK code on a SIM card, why is it needed and how is it used?

The PUK code is required to get access to the SIM card again (in cases where it is blocked for some reason). If you enter it incorrectly, it can lead to SIM blocking. We tell you what to do if the phone requires a PUK code.

What is a PUK code?

Many users, in addition to locking the phone itself, also use a SIM card lock. So they protect the data in case of theft or loss of the phone. Since many accounts (for example, bank accounts) are tied to a phone number, attackers can always move the SIM card to another device and then start trying to enter the owner’s accounts. The SIM card PIN lock feature will prevent them from accessing it.

The SIM card lock is activated every time the user turns the phone off and on again. If you enter the PIN code incorrectly three times, the phone will ask you to enter another code – the PUK code. At the same time, attempts to pick up a PUK code can end in failure. If you enter it incorrectly 10 times, the SIM card will be permanently blocked and will have to be reissued.

What should I do if my phone requires a PUK code?

If the owner entered the PIN incorrectly, it is still possible to restore access to the SIM card. To do this, you must correctly enter the PUK code. It consists of 8 digits, which are confidential information issued to the owner when issuing a SIM card. The PUK is located on a plastic card into which a SIM card was inserted upon purchase. There is also a PIN code. Therefore, in order to correctly enter the PUK code, it is enough to find this plate and enter the 8 required digits on the phone.

If you couldn’t find a card with the necessary information, you can find out the PUK code from your mobile operator in several ways. The specific instruction depends on the services of which operator the subscriber uses. It is important to remember that when trying to find out the PUK code, the user will need to verify their identity. To do this, you may need to dictate some passport data (for example, a number) or name a code word.

How to find PUK code from the MTS operator?

To find out the PUK code from the MTS mobile operator, you can use several methods:

  1. Send an SMS to service number 9999. In the message, you must specify your number, and after a space, the code word that was given to the user when registering the SIM card. Sending SMS is free.
  2. Use the service “Internet Assistant” from MTS.
  3. Make a call to 0890. The subscriber will be connected to the contact center.
  4. Personally go to the MTS branch.

How to find PUK code from the MegaFon operator?

The ways to find out the PUK code from the MegaFon mobile operator are not as diverse as those of MTS. There are two methods available to solve the problem:

  1. Contact the operator at 0500 or 88005500500. The call is free.
  2. Visit the MegaFon communication salon on your own, taking an identity document with you.

If the SIM card was registered to another person, it will be impossible to restore the PUK code. The only way to get access to the SIM is to reissue it.

How to find PUK code from the Beeline operator?

You can restore 8 digits of the desired code through Beeline. To do this, the subscriber must choose one of two possible methods:

  1. Call the number 88007000611. The operator will ask the subscriber to give his data, including the phone number and full name.
  2. Contact the Beeline communication salon in person.

For a personal visit, you need to take a passport or a power of attorney from the owner of the room with you.

How to find PUK code from the Tele2 operator?

To restore access to the SIM card using the Tele2 operator, the subscriber must:

  1. Call the short number 611 and give your details: full name, phone number, code word or passport data.
  2. Personally visit the Tele2 communication salon. You should take a passport or a power of attorney with you if the subscriber is not the one to whom the SIM card was registered.

If the phone requires you to enter the PUK code, then the user made a mistake when entering the PIN code. If the subscriber still has the plastic data plate, you just need to reprint the desired code from it. If not, then the code can be obtained from the mobile operator.

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