Why does my phone ask me to format my memory card?

Why does my phone ask me to format my memory card? What should I do if there are problems with the drive, or the memory card on the smartphone is not supported?

Regardless of the quality of the memory card or its cost, there may come a time when problems arise with it. In this case, the mobile phone may display the following notification:

  • The SD card is not working.
  • Drive problems.
  • Unsupported memory card.

The user will not be able to access the files on the memory card, and the only option offered to him will be to format the drive. We tell you why problems with a memory card may appear, and what to do in this case.

Why does the smartphone ask to format the memory card?

Wrong size

A common reason that the phone does not see or accept a memory card is its incorrect size. This means that the manufacturer has changed the size of the card in order to sell it as a larger drive (and more expensive). As a result, after filling the existing size of the memory card, problems arise in its use.

The phone does not support certain card sizes.

Modern phones support 128/256 GB memory cards, but older mobile devices may experience problems with larger cards. This error should occur immediately the first time you use a microSD card in your phone.

Contamination of card contacts

If the card is removed frequently, its contacts may become dirty, causing the microSD card to not be read by the phone. The slot itself, into which the memory card is inserted, may also be dirty.

Memory card damage

If the card is physically damaged, as well as in contact with water or any other liquid, the controller chip may become unusable. In this case, the microSD card is unlikely to be restored, as well as the data stored on it.

System failure

Problems with the memory card on the phone can also arise due to the mobile device itself. For example, some system files may be deleted on a smartphone. Also, problems are often observed after the user has obtained root rights , since in this case, system files can be accidentally deleted due to the negligence of the owner.

What to do if the phone asks to format the card?

Asking to format the card may be a temporary glitch. And since formatting means losing and deleting all the data on the microSD card, you first need to try to solve the problem in other ways.

Reboot phone

Despite the simplicity of the method, many problems with the phone and memory card can be solved with a simple reboot. This is the first action to take.

Clean up the map

Ordinary dirt can cause problems with the card. Therefore, the user needs to remove it from the slot and then wipe the card with a dry cloth. The microSD card slot itself is also recommended to be cleaned as carefully as possible.

Check card for reading errors

With the help of third-party programs (for example, chkdsk), you can identify various errors in the operation of the microSD card. In addition, the program can fix some of them on its own or describe the errors in detail for the user. Further actions will already depend on what problems were detected using the utility.

Clearing the cache through Recovery

In case of internal failures of the phone, clearing the cache through the Recovery menu can help. To do this, the user needs:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Hold down the power button and the volume down button (the combination may be different depending on the phone manufacturer).
  3. Select the line Wipe cache partition .
  4. Reboot phone.

Transfer data to computer

If other ways to fix errors with a memory card did not help, you need to transfer all important data from it to your computer. You can do this with a card reader. Then it remains to format it.

Format memory card

The last method involves the complete cleaning of the data on the phone’s memory card and consists in formatting it. You can do this through your phone, computer, Recovery Mode, or using specialized programs.

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