How to Bypass Google Account (FRP) After Reset

Probably every iPhone owner knows what activation lock is . For Android users, I’ll explain. This is a special mechanism that locks the Apple smartphone, preventing it from being activated in the event of theft. Largely because of him, stealing iPhones for personal use practically does not make sense, because the protection simply will not allow anything to be done with it. But few people know that Android also has a similar mechanism called Factory Reset Protection , or simply FRP. It binds the wanted device to the Google account and does not allow it to be unlinked. But this does not mean that there are no workarounds.

How to bypass Samsung account verification

Despite the fact that FRP is designed to protect the device from unauthorized use, you can still untie your smartphone from your Google account . For this there is a special utility called PassFab Android Unlocker . With its help, you can disable the security mechanism, even if you do not have a password for the account to which the locked device is attached. The utility is so advanced and smart that it will do almost everything for you. You just need to connect your smartphone to your computer, select the desired actions and wait for their completion.

  • Download PassFab Android Unlocker to your computer;
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer using a cable;
  • Now select “Remove Google Account Lock”;
  • Select the OS version of your smartphone and get instructions;
  • Following the instructions, put your smartphone in DFU mode;
  • After that, restart your smartphone and disconnect from the PC.

Unfortunately, PassFab Android Unlocker only allows you to unlink from your Google account Samsung smartphones. Devices of other brands cannot be disconnected from FRP. The thing is that in order to perform such a manipulation, it is necessary to adapt the utility for each device and its firmware separately. And this, as you know, is rather difficult. Therefore, if you are using a device from another brand, go to alternative options.

How to reset FRP lock

The second most popular method for bypassing Google accounts is to use the Pangu FRP Bypass Unlocker utility . No, this is not the same program that jails the iPhone, but it was developed by the same people. Therefore, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of hacking. These guys are well aware of how to bypass all kinds of locks, which means that the result is guaranteed to suit you. Moreover, there is nothing complicated in this process.

  • Download the Pangu FRP Bypass Unlocker utility to your smartphone;
  • Download and install Apex Launcher on your smartphone;
  • Launch Apex Launcher and then go to Settings;
  • Open “Security” – “Other security settings”;
  • Disable Find My Device and return to the Applications tab;
  • Disable Google Play Services and add a Google account;
  • Enable all disabled services in the “Applications” and “Security” sections;
  • Restart your smartphone and complete the procedure by following the instructions on the screen.

Despite the fact that the Pangu utility is more versatile, unfortunately, it will not work for any smartphone. We tested its operation on different smartphones, and came to the conclusion that it either does not work at all on Huawei and Honor devices, or it works, but intermittently. Apparently, it depends on the version of the operating system on the basis of which the smartphone is running, or the firmware used by the manufacturer. For example, there were no problems with Samsung’s One UI. Or maybe it’s just that Koreans protect their devices worse.

How to bypass Google Account on Android

The third way to remove FRP blocking from Android also involves the use of third-party software. In principle, this is logical. It would be strange if Google originally built a tool into its OS to bypass Activation Lock . So don’t be surprised. There are still no other ways to unlock a smartphone and access its contents completely. The main thing is to download third-party utilities in the correct places to avoid viruses.

  • Download and install Google Account Manager on your smartphone;
  • Now download and install the FRP_Bypass utility on your smartphone;
  • Run FRP_Bypass and open the context menu (three dots);
  • Select Start and log in to any Google account;
  • Click Next and restart your smartphone, and then activate

An important clarification: the newer the version of Android your smartphone is running on, the more steps you may need to unlock. This is natural, because with each next update, Google expands the protective functions of its operating system, as a result of which it becomes more and more difficult to hack it. Moreover, Android 12 – since this is the newest version of the OS – cannot be hacked at all. But on the other hand, it seems that there are no problems.

FRP lock. All you need to know

What is FRP? FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection – a special mechanism that prohibits the use of another Google account if the smartphone was previously linked to another and put on the wanted list.

Can FRP lock be removed ? I guess, yes. Despite the fact that there are no standard tools for this, there are third-party utilities that allow you to remove the lock.

Ways to bypass FRP blocking on Android . In fact, there are several ways, but the most popular are the PassFab Android Unlocker, Pangu FRP Bypass and FRP_Bypass utilities.

Is it difficult to bypass FRP blocking ? It depends on the Android version. The newer the OS version, the stronger the protective mechanisms and the more difficult it will be to bypass them. And if the Android version is old, there will be no problems.

How to Unblock Google Account on Samsung ? For owners of Samsung smartphones, there is a very simple way – PassFab Android Unlocker , which bypasses the lock in a matter of minutes, almost without your participation.




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