Streamer with OBS: everything you need to know before launching your live stream

Widespread in the world of gaming, the concept of streaming has become more popular in several other areas. Live broadcasting is now a real fad . Also known as live streaming, this also allows you to share multimedia content with several other individuals around the globe. Becoming a streamer is becoming more and more popular . Accessible to any category, the streaming activity does not require a lot of resources except for certain sectors requiring advanced technologies, a computer and streaming software will suffice.

Whatever streaming platform you choose, have your best experience with OBS studio software .

OBS, what is it?

For live streaming, two parameters must be taken into account: your connection to the Internet network, and the quality of the encoding software. Encoding software or streaming software are programs for recording and streaming audio and visual content .

Nowadays many streaming programs are accessible, as powerful as each other the choice is not what is missing. Among these software we find: Open Broadcaster Software or commonly called OBS studio.

Officially launched in 2012, OBS studio is a free and open source software, it is the result of the work of the developers of the OBS project led by Hugh Bailey. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, it offers the possibility of recording a video capture of your live screen. Versatile and powerful , it is one of the most popular streaming software by streamers, especially gamers to broadcast live. Due to its popularity, it has been sponsored by several streaming platforms including twitch.

This program offers many services: game capture, screen capture, slide show, video editing, event broadcasting… It serves as an interface between an individual and an external server and allows multimedia data to be captured in real time.

Why stream with OBS

OBS studio is a streaming program that supports many platforms like twitch, facebook, youtube and so many more. In addition to quality streaming recording , it allows the editing, management and distribution of an abundant number of video formats.

Free, accessible and accessible to everyone , this program has many features:

  • Logical and modern interface;
  • Possibility of broadcasting to more than 50 streaming platforms;
  • Regular updates;
  • Handy tool for beginners.

Known to be the most used software for video game streaming, various other streams can easily be layered and edited within the editor. In addition, this program is an open source which also offers scenario configuration with transition addition.

The OBS studio application is basically programmed in C and C++ language. It allows to add functionality for the user thanks to its ability to manage plugins .

For versions from Windows 7 for Windows, and from OS x 10 11 for Mac OS, as well as for Linux, you can find this program in multilingual.

How to stream on twitch with OBS?

Live streaming on the twitch platform using OBS studio is done in two steps:

  • Create a Twitch account from the official website;
  • Have OBS studio on your computer.

First of all, having a good internet connection is essential, you can check the uplink speed of your internet network by visiting many sites. This is a decisive step that will determine the amount of data you can send to an external server. If you want to perform high-resolution live streaming, note that a high upload rate is required. Then download OBS Studio from their website and complete the installation by following the steps. Open the program and go to settings, then click on stream and choose your streaming platform in the “service” box.

Before you begin the streaming process, get a stream key. Then type your stream key (Twitch) in the “Stream key” field. Allows you to connect and start broadcasting on your Twitch account. This is strictly confidential , you must not disclose it. Before proceeding to the next step, check in the region box on Europe.

Now to be able to start the live, from the interface of your program, under “Sources”, click on the “+” button and select ” Game captures “. On the right side, click on the “Start streaming” button, and fully enjoy your gaming session.

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