Stream PS4 on PC: how does it work?

For a few years now, streaming platforms have been attracting more and more public interest. Prized mainly by gamers, some professional streamers have even built up a kind of “fan-base” with viewers. A loyal community thanks to the quality of their shared web content. If however this function was only available on computer, it is now integrated even in the new updates of the consoles.

If you have a PS4 and are about to start streaming, have your best experience with our advice.

Why stream your PS4 on PC?

If you don’t know what it is, PS4 is the abbreviation of PlayStation 4 , a well-known Sony Computer Entertainment video game console, this console allows you to play a large number of video games with your loved ones as well as with strangers. A hobby that allows you to pass the time, and bring you closer to your friends or strangers who share the same interests as you. This activity sees itself becoming a real profession. Indeed many experienced players are embarking on a career as a streamer .

The streaming functionality has been integrated into the latest versions by Sony, a real boon for PS4 owners. The integration of this function allows all players on the globe to share their own web content . By connecting your console to your pc, you can now browse and play your game like on a television. This also allows you to broadcast your game sessions for free on streaming platforms.

Playing and streaming with your controller is now a delight for all console video game enthusiasts.

The hardware required to stream your PS4 on PC

To use the streaming function on your console you will need:

  • A Ps4 (logically);
  • A PC;
  • A PS4 controller;
  • An Ethernet cable;
  • A USB cable;
  • A web camera, a headset;
  • A good quality internet connection;
  • An acquisition box.

In order to stream comfortably, Sony recommends a connection speed of at least 12 Mbps . Using the streaming function can be done over a Wi-Fi connection, but using an Ethernet cable will probably provide better network access.

To fully enjoy your streaming experience on your computer, a few specifications are required. First of all, the recommended OS is Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit respectively). In addition, a storage memory of at least 1000 MB as well as a RAM of 2 GB.

As part of a good processor, Intel Core i5 , clocked at 2.67 will be your best bet. Finally, for a high level of detail, opt for a graphics card with a resolution of at least 1024x 768.

A good streamer must be a good commentator. In order to retain your community, it will be necessary to explain your game actions and answer questions from spectators, which is why a microphone is useful for commenting during the live and communicating with the people watching you. You can also show your little head using a webcam, of course, this remains optional, especially if you want to remain anonymous.

The last tool to complete the list of necessary equipment is that of the acquisition box. An external digital device allowing you to connect your console to your PC. However, it is not mandatory, it depends on the method chosen to stream your PS4 to PC.

How to stream your PS4 on Pc?

The streaming function is integrated into your console only if it has the 3.5 update . If you haven’t already, go to your PS4 settings first, then go to system software update. Download version 3.5 then press next to install. Once this step is complete, download RemotePLayiInstaller from Sony’s website. Install this remote play software on your computer by following the different steps. Remote Play is normally enabled by default on the game console. If this is not the case, activate the feature by going to Settings, then Remote Play Connection Settings.

Then connect your controller through the USB port with the cable, then log in to your Sony Entertainment network or PSN account for the older ones. The console will then receive a notification designating its synchronization with the player program.

Now that your PS4 is streaming to your PC, it is now possible to stream to a streaming interface by following the usual steps.

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