What is the interest of a cable management for pc?

If you’re a gamer or your job requires regular use of office peripherals, you’ve probably come across a pile of cables behind your desk, so it might be time to consider a cable management system.

How to choose a management cable for pc?

A cable management is the solution to get rid of the pile of cables that not only harm the aesthetics of your desks but also risk causing accidents if you or someone around you stumbles. But for your cable management system to be effective, you must prepare it well.

First of all, you have to measure the distance between your peripherals and your pc, in order to choose the cables of the right length. It is advisable to choose longer cables for the power supply and the pc screen , and to opt for USB extensions for the rest of the peripherals. You can also choose a desk that has a cable channel .

In order to set up your cable management system, you must have at your disposal some essential accessories, namely:

  • Plastic cable ties or Velcro to gather your cables;
  • adhesive fasteners to hold everything in place.

This not only allows you to bundle the cables so they don’t hang around, but also prevents dust from accumulating around your desk.

How to wire a desktop pc and a gaming pc

To carry out your wiring correctly, you must have the necessary tools and have previously chosen the layout of the cables.

wire your office

For a successful cable management system, it is recommended to run the cables under the desk starting from the peripherals and not from the PC, then to group those of the screens apart and those of the other peripherals separately. Choose a cable separation so that if you have to change one of the devices, you don’t have to bring out the cables of all the other components.

You must then fix the cables to your desk, for this, it is possible to use plastic sheaths in which you will pass your cables, you will then have to fix these sheaths with a clamp and screw the fasteners associated with the sheaths under the desk . You can also opt for a gutter that you can fix under the board of your desk. For an aesthetic result, make sure the gutter is completely closed .

Wire your gaming pc

As far as gaming PC cases are concerned, all of them generally have a space behind the motherboard which allows the cables of the power supply to pass, as well as multiple openings to allow the passage of the cables of all the components of your gaming pc. There are also cable ties in the box boxes.

It is also recommended when choosing the pc, to opt for a modular power supply because its cables are detachable. You can thus connect only those that your pc will need, which frees up space in the case and greatly facilitates cable management.

Comparison of cabling for your pc

If you still don’t know which cable management system to choose, we offer you a small selection of some of the best.

Stageek Brand Self Adhesive PVC Cable Conduit : 39cm long, comes with strong vices and adhesive, can be fixed under desk or on wall behind TV, easy to install and conceal. Its price is 29.99 euros.

D-Line Cable Storage Box : can support several cables, allowing you to free up space, equipped with fins on each side to ventilate the interior. Its cost is 16.49 euros.

D-Line Cable Sheath with Threaded Tool : offers a large storage space for cables, simple and easy installation, with several cutouts on the sheath to adapt it to office space, it is flexible and resistant to liquids, its price is 11.49 euros.

AGPTEK Adjustable Flexible 3M Sheath Cable Sleeve : resistant to high temperatures, each sheath has an automatic closure, easy to install, adjustable length, large storage capacity, all at the price of 11.99 euros.

U-Horizon 12 Pack Durable Cable Clips, Cable Tidies and Cable Ties : Adapt to various surfaces, easy to install, multiple designs available as needed. The price is 11.99 euros.

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