How to login to a Gmail account

For work or study reasons, you had the need to create a Gmail account and, not knowing the subject well, you followed my dedicated guide, so far managing to get by pretty well. But now you are here again reading this tutorial, as you are having difficulty logging in. If you are unable to log into a Gmail account it is possible that you have forgotten your password or simply that you are not doing this correctly. Not sure what the problem is, but still want to know how to recover your account? Don’t worry, I can help you solve this little technological hitch.

Whether you’re reading this guide to get hold of a lost Gmail account, or just need to shed some light on the subject, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this tutorial. The information I will give you will help you to be able to always keep an eye on your inbox. It is in fact possible to access Gmail via computer or even from mobile devices, using the official application for Android and iOS.

How do you say? Are you interested in the topic and would you like to know more? Okay, then I suggest you take a few minutes of free time: sit comfortably, pick up the device in which you intend to use the Gmail application and read carefully the instructions I am about to give you. All that remains for me is to wish you good reading!


  • Sign in to a Gmail account
  • Sign in to a Gmail account without an email or password
  • Sign in to another Gmail account

Sign in to a Gmail account

Some time ago you registered a Gmail e-mail address but, since you have not used it for some time, now you no longer remember how to log in to it. Don’t worry, logging into a Gmail account is a very simple procedure to do; in the following lines I will explain how to do it, acting as a computer and also as a smartphone and tablet, through the Gmail application for Android and iOS.

From computer

If you want to access your Gmail account from a computer, connected to the main page of the service, then press on the Login item located at the top right and fill in the login form on the screen, indicating your email address or the telephone number used for the account registration (using the text field Email address or phone number ).

Then click on the Next button and, in the text field Enter the password that appears on the screen, type the password of your account, then press the Next button to continue. You will then have successfully logged into your Gmail account and you will be able to see, for example, all the emails sent ( Inbox ) and received ( Sent ).

At any time, you can close the web page you are viewing by pressing the button with the X symbol at the top right. To log in again, simply go to the official website at any time: after the first login, the following ones will be performed automatically.

From smartphones and tablets

If you use Google Mail on your mobile device, you can take advantage of the application free Gmail, already present by default on most devices Android and can be downloaded from ‘ App Store for iOS on the iPhone and iPad.

If you have an Android terminal and the Gmail application is not already installed on your device, locate it via the internal search engine of the Play Store (type Gmail ) and install it by pressing the Install and Accept buttons.

On iOS, on the other hand, after having identified the Gmail application through the App Store search engine, install it by tapping the Get and Install buttons. If prompted, authorize the installation via Touch ID or Face ID or by typing your iCloud account password. If you encounter any problems, refer to my tutorial where I explain how to install applications on Android and iOS.

After installation, start the Gmail application by tapping its icon, which will have been added to the main screen of your device. In the following lines I will explain how to log in, to access the Gmail account you have.

Operating from iOS, with the application started, press the Login button and then tap on the Google entry, tapping on the Continue item. Now, use the text field corresponding to the Login section and type the email address registered previously.

Then press the Next button and in the text field Enter the password, type the password of your account, then tapping on Next to continue. Now you just have to consent to the sending of notifications, to receive an alert in case of new emails.

After the first login, your login data will be stored automatically; you can then open the Gmail application whenever you want, to take advantage of email.

On Android, on the other hand, the Gmail application is automatically configured with the Google account entered in the device, consequently, you will find the e-mail address already associated in the Main screen where there are all the emails received.

Alternatively, if you do not want to download the Gmail application on your device, you can access the service by connecting to it via a browser: to do this, start the app you use to browse the Internet (for example Google Chrome or Safari ) and type, in the address bar . Once the web page is loaded, log in to the platform by indicating your email and password and pressing the Next button when prompted.

Sign in to a Gmail account without an email or password

Would you like to access your email account on Gmail, but have you forgotten your login data? Don’t worry, you can easily fix it by following the directions you find in the lines to come.

From computer

If you want to access your Gmail account but you no longer remember your email address or password, you can easily retrieve them by connecting to the official website of the well-known email service.

Using the login form you see on the screen, presses the link Do you remember your email address? and then enter the telephone number associated with it or your recovery email address set during registration. Then press the Next button and type, in the next text field, your name and surname to recover the Google account you created.

Now, tap on the Next button and, if you have chosen to retrieve your email address via phone number, press the Send button, once you have typed in your phone number. This procedure is used to receive the verification code useful for recovering the account. The code will arrive via SMS and must be entered in the Enter code text field  . When you are done, press the Next button to complete the recovery.

On the next screen you will be able to see the Gmail address associated with your phone number: then log in by clicking on the corresponding result, type your account password and press Next to complete the operation.

If you do not even remember the password of this e-mail address, press the Forgot Password item that you see on the screen (this option is visible even if you have not performed the recovery of the email address).

Now, type in the last password you remember using for the Google account you intend to recover. If you don’t even remember that, tap on the item Try another method and type in the phone number you added to the account. You will then receive a verification code via SMS and, after typing it in the text field on the screen, press the Send button.

If you do not have the possibility to receive an SMS to carry out the account recovery, click on the item I do not have my phone and use an alternative option, such as sending a confirmation code to the recovery Gmail address or to another email address different from the previous one.

These are some of the verification options accessible, by pressing on the item Try another method you see on the screen: it is necessary to have at least one of this information to recover the account and, consequently, to reset the password. Another of the additional verification options you can use requires you to roughly indicate the month and year you created your Google account.

From smartphones and tablets

If you are using the Gmail application on your Android or iOS device, you can retrieve the login data in an equally simple way, as the procedure is similar to the one just indicated.

Start the Gmail application by tapping on its icon on the main screen of your device, then on iOS press the Login> Google> Continue buttons and then tap on the item I don’t remember the email address to start the recovery procedure of your account. You will then see on the screen the recovery section Find your email; you must then follow the same steps indicated in the previous lines, for account recovery.

If, on the other hand, you remember the email address but not the password, press the Forgot password item to start with the recovery of the same, performing the same identical procedures that can be performed from a computer.

As already mentioned, using the Gmail application on Android you will be automatically logged in with the login data of the Google account connected to your device; in this case, you do not have to manually enter the login data ( email and password ) to access it.

Optionally, you can use the Gmail app on Android to link another account you have. To do this, press the button with the  symbol and then the one with the   symbol. Finally, tap on the Add account and Google items. However, if you do not remember the login data of this last account, first press on the button with the symbol (…) at the top right and then tap on Find my account.

Now, to recover this email address, follow the steps indicated in the previous lines: then provide Google with an alternative email address, or indicate the phone number associated with the account to be found.

If, on the other hand, you have forgotten your password, press the Forgot Password item and follow the instructions for recovering it: these are exactly identical to those that can be performed from a computer.

Sign in to another Gmail account

One of the possibilities offered by the Gmail service is to be able to create more than one e-mail account and connect both addresses, to quickly switch from one to the other. This procedure can be performed from a computer, but also from smartphones and tablets; read the following lines carefully so as not to make a mistake.

From computer

If you want to access another Gmail account from your computer, you must first log into your main account (I explained how to perform this specific operation in the dedicated paragraph). Once logged in, press on your profile picture, located at the top right of the main screen, and then click on the Add account button from the drop-down menu you see on the screen.

You will then be sent back to the login screen, where you will need to log in to the platform with the access data of the secondary account.

After logging in to both accounts, you can quickly switch from one to the other: to do so, press your profile picture at the top right and click on the name of the secondary account to be displayed. The selected Gmail account will be visible in the new browser tab that opens.

From smartphones and tablets

Even by working through the Gmail application for Android or iOS, it is possible to connect more than one email account, in order to view them both in the same application. To do this, start the Gmail application downloaded previously on your device, by tapping its icon on the main screen. Then press the button with the  symbol and then tap the one with the  symbol.

Now, on Android, to connect a Gmail account, after pressing the button with the  symbol and the one with the  symbol, press the Add account> Google items and log in with the data ( email address and password ) of the account to be linked, by clicking on Next when prompted.

On iOS, however, press on the items Manage account> Add Account> Google> Continue, then log in with the account data to be connected ( email address and password ) and press the Next button when prompted. Once logged in, then presses on Finish to complete the addition of a secondary account.

On both operating systems, to switch from one email address to another, press the button with the symbol  and then tap on the icon of the added account, to view the emails.


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