Any Video Converter – a program for converting video files

Any Video Converter is a program for converting video files to other supported formats. With the help of a video converter, it will be possible to transcode video and audio files into other formats that are necessary for playback on mobile devices or on a computer.

Any Video Converter is a versatile video converter that supports the largest number of video conversion formats and profiles for mobile devices.

Many modern video converter programs support conversion using the profiles of the most popular devices. In this case, the user will not need to deal with the conversion settings on his own. It is enough to select the desired device and the required format for the final audio or video file.

In addition to using a ready-made profile, the user himself can choose the settings for converting video or audio to the required format by selecting the appropriate settings for this in the program.

Features of Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is not only for converting video and audio files. The application will allow you to perform other operations with multimedia data.

Main features of Any Video Converter:

  • Convert video to other formats and for mobile devices.
  • Extract and save audio from video files.
  • Video editing.
  • Burn video to CD/DVD discs.
  • Creating a template for a DVD menu.
  • Create DVDRip from DVD video.
  • Record video from the monitor screen.

Any Video Converter has several options for installation on a computer: Any Video Converter Free, Any Video Converter Professional, Any DVD Converter, Any Video Converter Ultimate, which differ in functionality.

On this image, you can see a comparison of different versions of Any Video Converter.

As can be seen from the table, the free version of the program, Any Video Converter Free, is quite suitable for most users, with the help of which it will be possible to perform all the basic data conversion operations. In the event that the free version of the Any Video Converter Free program does not satisfy you with its capabilities, then you can purchase a more functional version of the program.

Any Video Converter supports CUDA technology (for owners of video cards manufactured by NVIDIA), which will speed up the process of converting video files.

You can download the program from the official website of the program. Choose to download the desired version of the program, and then download it to your computer.

The Any Video Converter program supports the Russian language, so the program will be installed in Russian.

Installing different versions of Any Video Converter on a computer is the same, in Russian. After the installation of the program is completed, the main window of the Any Video Converter program will open.

This is how the main program window looks like in the Any Video Converter Free version.

Any Video Converter Ultimate version will open this window.

You may notice that the program windows differ only in that the oldest version of the program has an “Add DVD” button and there is another tab “Record video”.

Convert video files to Any Video Converter

First, you will need to add the video file to Any Video Converter. The video file can be dragged into the program window with the mouse or added using the “Add video(s)” button.

Then you will need to select a profile for video conversion. The profile for converting can be selected from the list by clicking on the right button located on the top panel of the program window. Here you can select formats for a specific device or for a specific platform (Apple, Android, Samsung, Sony, and so on).

You can select the required platform using the vertical buttons. By choosing a mobile device or just the required video format, you can move on to more detailed conversion settings.

First you need to configure the settings in the “Basic Settings” section.

If necessary, you can change the video size, codec, frame rate, increase the number of passes for encoding, etc.

It will be possible to add subtitles to the video, change the name of the video file, clone the video file or delete it using the corresponding buttons.

Sound settings are changed in the same way. You can change the bit rate, codec, sample rate, and so on. The sound can be turned off. In this case, after conversion, the video file will not have an audio track.

If several video files are added to the program window, then all these files will be encoded in the selected format. In the event that each file requires its own conversion settings, then the encoding parameters can be selected separately, for each specific video file you will need to make your own settings.

Any Video Converter can combine video files added to the program window into one file. To do this, you must first select the conversion settings, and then switch the “Register All Video Files” switch to the “ON” position.

In the right part of the program window, in the player window, you can view the video. Below the player window is a panel with control buttons. Using the “Freeze Frame” button, you can take a screenshot of the video being played.

Using the “Play video” tab, you can play the added video in the player window in its original size.

After completing the conversion settings, you should click on the “Convert!” to start the process of encoding the video file. To convert a single video file, you can also use the “convert!” button located near the file name.

You can change the conversion settings from the “options” menu by selecting the appropriate settings. In particular, you can change the number of simultaneously converted video files. If necessary, in the corresponding tabs, it will be possible to change other program settings.

Video Editing in Any Video Converter

Quite often there are situations when, before starting video processing, you need to pre-edit the video file. To do this, you will need to select the appropriate video file in the program window, and then click on the “clip” button (scissors). After that, the Video Slicing editor window will open, in which you can edit the video.

Using the corresponding buttons, you can cut an extra fragment from the video file.

After clicking on the “Add Effects” button, the “Video Trimming and Effects” window will open. Here you can add text or image watermark to your video using the corresponding buttons. After switching to another tab, you can add effects, crop an area, or change the position of the video in space by rotating it to the desired side.

After editing the video file, you can start converting it.

Extract audio from video file in Any Video Converter

In addition to saving the encoded video in a new format, Any Video Converter allows you to convert video files to audio files. After inserting the video into the program window, you will need to select the desired audio format, and then go to the audio settings to complete the encoding settings.

After the processing process is completed, you will receive the audio file that was extracted from the video in the selected format.

You can also add an audio file to the program window, and then convert it to another audio format supported by the program.

Burn DVD video and create DVD menu

Any Video Converter can burn video to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs. First, select a video file, then you should select the format for burning the disc, and then configure the conversion settings.

After the video encoding process is completed, you can add a DVD menu to this video (this function is not available in the free version of the program). To do this, select a template, upload a background video if necessary, and then burn the video to DVD.

A more colorful and functional DVD menu can be burned using other programs, such as Ashampoo Burning Studio .

Create DVDRip in Any Video Converter Ultimate

In the most functional version of Any Video Converter, you can create a DVD Rip, as well as record video from your computer desktop.

At the very beginning of the DVDRip creation process, you should insert a DVD video disc into your computer’s drive, and then click on the “Add DVD” button.

The “Select DVD” window will open, in which you will need to select the DVD drive of your computer (the program should detect it itself), and then click on the “ok” button.

After the analysis is completed, the detected DVD video will be added to the program window. Next, you will need to select the desired format for conversion (for films, the “.avi” or “.mkv” format is usually chosen). Then you should set the required settings (video size, quality, codec, etc.) for encoding.

After that, click on the “convert” or “Convert!” button. After the process of creating a Rip from DVD video is completed, a video file in the format of your choice will appear on your computer.

Record video from the monitor screen in Any Video Converter Ultimate

In Any Video Converter Ultimate, you can record actions that occur on the monitor screen to a video file.

The Video Recording tab is used to capture video from the monitor screen. After opening the tab, you can choose where you want to save the video file. To start the recording process, click on the “record” button.

In the window that opens, click on the “Select Manually” button.

Next, a frame with information and a button to start recording video from the monitor screen will open. The frame that limits the size of the recording window can be stretched to fit the entire monitor screen or only to a specific part of the screen.

Starting and stopping screen recording is done using the keyboard buttons “Ctrl” + “F7”. You can limit the recording time to a certain period of time. You can record your actions on the monitor screen, capture the player window or the online video broadcast window.

After the monitor screen recording is completed, you can view the recorded video by opening the folder where the result of this operation was saved.

Article Conclusions

Any Video Converter converts video files to required formats, supports all mobile devices, burns DVD discs, extracts audio from video. With Any Video Converter Ultimate, you can create DVDRip and record screen video.

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