Google has released an app that will ease the transition from iPhone to Android

Google has released a new application that will facilitate the transition from iOS to Android. Switch to Android, which takes its place in the App Store, allows you to transfer your iPhone data to your Android device.

Search giant Google has released a new app that will make it easier for iPhone users to switch to a smartphone with Android operating system. The app, called Switch to Android , has been quietly launched on the App Store.

Switch to Android allows you to quickly and securely transfer your iPhone data to your Android smartphone . Using the application , you can transfer your contacts , calendar events, photos , videos and other important data to your Android device.

Not yet listed in searches

After the transfer process is complete, the application also reminds you that you need to turn off iMessage for the messages to come in the form of SMS . Switch to Android is not yet listed in searches on the App Store . For now, you need to open the link directly where the application is located in order to download it .


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