Screen glasses: protection for your eyes

Today we live in a digitized world. Television, computer, smartphone, we spend most of our daily lives in front of screens . The latter being equipped with light diodes or called LEDs emit harmful light . Intense exposure to this light has proven toxicity for the retina that can even induce consequences on cognitive functions.

Following medical concerns, much research has focused on the possibility of protecting the eyes in particular from the toxicity of this light. And so designed a model of glasses for screens for eye protection.

What are screen glasses?

Computer, smartphone, tablet. To work, get information or have fun, we spend a lot even most of our time in front of screens and this is undoubtedly not without consequences. Harmful to health, the light emitted by screens causes eye fatigue that can even lead to regression of eye stains . This is why the works in optics and ophthalmology have designed suitable models of glasses.

Screen glasses are a model of glasses that must be worn when facing a screen. This one being made of led which emits a blue light, this ocular instrument equipped with a filter. Thanks to a special treatment, the range of this type of worm, equipped with an anti- reflective coating , does not alter the colors but only rejects the harmful blue rays. An asset that adapts to all pathologies and all glasses.

It is therefore essential to wear your glasses, in order to compensate for visual defects or to protect the eyes. And reduce as much as possible the duration of exposure of his eyes to this light emitted by our screens.

Types of screen glasses

A wide selection of suitable glasses, each person can choose, depending on their sight and the type of work they do. Here is our selection of the three most common models:

  • monofocal glasses;
  • bifocal glasses;
  • Trifocal glasses.

Monofocal or unifocal glasses designed for screen work, essentially provide appropriate visual correction at distance. Clearly it separates the eyes from the screen. One of the disadvantages of this model is that objects and documents located at a minimum distance from the screen seem distant. Which can be confusing at times .

The glasses are not specifically designed for screen work. They are made in a way to have two pairs of glasses in one. In other words, it contains a pair of glasses for everyday use and a pair of reading glasses all in one frame. Generally speaking, they offer all the vision correction you need in a single frame. Being able to read and perform tasks up close. This can be particularly advantageous when performing tasks on your screen and elsewhere. Of course if the necessary processing is integrated into your worms.

Finally, trifocal glasses are fitted with lenses, one segment of which is used for distance vision, another segment for near vision, and a third segment for screen distance vision. They therefore offer a correction and allow a good reading. The disadvantage of this, as with bifocal glasses, is the limit in the areas of vision.

Why wear screen glasses

We live today in an era where the world is digitized. We spend a lot of time on our screens. However, these are made of leds which emit light that is toxic to the eyes. This light, also called blue light, will penetrate the eye, even going as far as the retina and then within the macula, which would subsequently lead to macular disgenesis that could be long term.

According to numerous studies, the light emitted by phone screens is the most harmful. Then followed by game consoles and then computers. This is why the many advances made in ophthalmology make sure to recommend this blue light as much as possible. Thanks to the multiple models of screen glasses, an eye correction is possible.

It is therefore essential to always wear your glasses in front of a screen to avoid any symptoms of eye fatigue.

Blue light can also be a real health hazard. In addition to the eye problems it causes, it can also be the main cause of insomnia or headaches. It is therefore necessary to reduce your exposure to screens, especially at night.

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