What cooler for your laptop?

The prices of computers are getting higher and higher, so it is important to take care of them in order to extend their lifespan. Since overheating is one of the main causes of deterioration, you must have an adequate cooler.

The different types of coolers

As you will have understood, a high-performance cooling system is crucial for the proper functioning of your laptop, but before choosing you must know the different types of coolers that exist.

Passive air coolers are based on a radiator that evacuates hot air by heat transfer via ventilated blocks. This type of cooler is intended for PCs equipped with low-performance processors that do not heat up much.

Water coolers are used less than others. They use a heat transfer liquid which heats up on contact with copper or aluminum and goes back into the radiator which cools it then returns to the circuit via a fan. This method of cooling is the most effective , especially for pc gamers.

Active air coolers are based on several fans that draw heat away through the computer’s ventilation system, creating an air current. This type of coolers are the most used, and are best suited to PCs with great power and performance.

laptop coolers

Today, there are two models of coolers intended for laptops, these are portable pocket coolers as well as cooling stands.

  • Portable pocket coolers : small in size, to be inserted at the air outlet to ventilate the inside of the pc directly. Your pc must have rear or side ventilation;
  • Cooling supports : equipped with one or more adjustable speed fans with stop or non-slip notches, and USB ports, cools in less than 5 min.


How to choose a chiller?

When choosing a cooler for your pc, you must take into account certain criteria so as not to get the wrong model.

First of all, you have to define the use you are going to make of your pc. If you rely on occasional , you will be able to get by with a modest and inexpensive cooler. If, on the other hand, you plan to make regular or even intensive use of it, you must opt ​​for a cooler of better quality and therefore at a higher cost.

Solidity and performance are also important points, so choose a metal support because it will better support the weight of the pc, make sure of the quality of the notches because the stability of the pc depends on them and opt for a cooler whose the fans rotate at a speed of at least 800 revolutions per minute, the faster they are, the more efficient they are.

If you opt for a stand-type cooler, choose one with flexible materials that allow you to tilt your laptop for more comfortable and easier typing.

For people who often travel with their PCs, it is advisable to choose a cooler that is not too heavy and that you can use everywhere, this is the case with pocket coolers.

Comparison of coolers on the market

If you can’t choose an adequate cooler for your laptop, we have selected some of the best laptop coolers for you to make your task easier.

The “Deepcool N8” is made from aluminum which allows rapid heat dissipation, has 2 adjustable fans with a speed of 1100 revolutions per minute, and 4 USB ports, with a good quality / price ratio, it is suitable for professionals .

If you are a gamer , the “KLIM Wind” cooler is for you. Equipped with 4 adjustable fans reaching 1400 revolutions per minute, and an aluminum support , it is portable and compatible with PCs from 11 to 19 inches and game consoles, all with an interesting quality/price ratio.

The “Targus AWEE55 EU” model is suitable for occasional use , with a flexible neoprene support , 2 fans rotating at 1900 revolutions per minute which cool fairly quickly, and 4 rubber grips giving it correct stability, Equipped with a single USB port, it is compatible with laptops up to 17 inches and its price is affordable.

The “KLIM CooL+” model is a very good choice if you want a portable cooler , very light and of reduced dimensions, it is very powerful, its fans are adjustable, can run at a speed of up to 4500 revolutions per minute.

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