Greece inaugurates Europe’s largest bi-surface solar farm

Greece has launched a double-surface solar farm, the largest in Europe, capable of powering 75,000 homes a year.

Greece has made a new breakthrough in renewable energy production. Opening a 204-megawatt (MW) solar farm, the country has become the owner of the largest solar farm with double-surface panels in Europe.

Double-surface panels can produce more energy

Greece, which wants to increase its power generation capacity from renewable sources to 19 gigawatts by 2030, recently announced that it has officially opened its solar farm, which is expected to produce 350 GWh of electricity that can power 75,000 homes per year .

Developed as part of a 130 million Euro project, the farm has 500,000 double-surface solar panels . The generated energy will be connected to Greece’s electricity grid in a few weeks.

Double-sided solar panels can produce one- third more energy than single-sided solar panels , as they can generate electricity from both their front and back surfaces . Greece aims to meet 35% of its energy consumption from renewable sources by 2030 .


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