The best MacBook Air replacement for Windows 2024

Discover the Ultimate MacBook Air Replacement: Top Windows Laptops

Explore the top Windows laptops that stand as the perfect alternatives to MacBook Air. Uncover powerful features, sleek designs, and exceptional performance in our guide to finding the best Windows laptop for your needs.

Are you a fan of “apple” technology and think that there is nothing more perfect and more productive? We thought so too. Now repent! On June 8, the pre-order of the new Huawei MateBook 14 laptop for professional users started, which will go on sale very soon. And if he does not change your religion, then at least he will plunge into doubts about the unconditional superiority of Apple. The device immediately bribed us with its appearance, so we decided to study it properly and find out what this machine is capable of.

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laptops like macbook air, but cheaper

  • Dell XPS 13
  • Asus ZenBook 14
  • HP Envy 13
  • Acer Swift 3
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 5
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
  • LG Gram 14

Understanding how Huawei managed to create one of the best Windows laptops on the market

macbook air alternative 2024


Huawei MateBook 14 has become an intermediate link between the ultimate line of MateBook X and the MateBook D available to the mass user. It’s funny, but the new product is not much different from its older brother, although its cost is much lower. But first things first.


It is not enough to make a functional product and do not indulge in stuffing it with cool iron. Marketers have long realized that design is the best tool for manipulating the buyer. Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has always made beautiful devices, and the MateBook 14 is no exception. Pointed corners, chamfered bevels and dark gray color: the design of the device immediately recognizes the flagship style. The laptop looks sleek and stylish at the same time. In general, I will repeat: we got the whole editorial team!

Opening the MacBook, you immediately pay attention to the absolutely frameless display, which is covered with protective glass. This solution is not found in all laptops. It gives the impression of an infinite screen and looks very cool.

The case of the laptop, of course, is completely metal – the flagship! It is only 15.9 mm thick and weighs 1.49 kg. That is, it is thinner and lighter than the four-volume War and Peace, and there are many times more benefits from it. In short, the MateBook 14 is a great mobile travel companion. Thanks to the thin bezels around the 14 “screen, the device is smaller than many 13” models on the market, allowing you to fit your laptop into even a small backpack.

The slim body is certainly commendable, but what about the interfaces? Everything here is Feng Shui: on the side faces of the MateBook 14 there is a USB Type-C port (through which charging is also connected), two USB Type-A ports, HDMI and a headphone jack. On the inside is a backlit island keyboard. The keys are firm – it is convenient to type large texts, and your hands do not get tired even after an eight-hour working day.


The MateBook 14 has (don’t be surprised) a 14-inch display. The resolution of the IPS-matrix is ​​2160 x 1440 pixels. The screen has an aspect ratio of 3: 2, which is pretty damn convenient for work. This solution allows you to place much more vertical content on the working area – for example, documents and browser pages, which makes working with them more comfortable.

The cool feature of the screen is that it is touch-sensitive, which gives more options for use. For example, it is much more convenient to work with documents on the touch screen – checked. Plus, this solution will appeal to those who often process photos and edit videos.

The maximum screen brightness is 300 nits, which is sufficient even for working on a restaurant terrace on a summer day. It is important to note that the display is perfectly calibrated at the factory: excellent color reproduction will appeal to users of creative professions who create content.


We would be glad, but the characteristics of the MacBook 14 are not to be found fault with. Jokes aside: he received the most modern eleventh generation Intel processors, made according to the 10-nanometer process technology. Our subject is powered by an Intel Core i7-1165G7 clocked at 2.8 GHz. Compared to the previous generation, Intel has managed to achieve significant performance gains, as shown by benchmark tests. In Geekbench, the laptop scores 1486 points in a single-core test and 4436 points in a multi-core test. In the OpenCL test, the device scored 15,040 points at all. Sit down, five!

The MacBook is equipped with 16 GB of high-speed DDR4 RAM – this amount is more than enough in modern realities. The storage is 512 GB.

Benchmark tests are, of course, good. But more importantly, how the laptop behaves in operation. And if he was wrong, here it is also impossible to find fault with him. Thanks to the latest Intel processor, it seems that the MateBook 14 already knows in advance what you want to do, what task to set, what program to open: everything starts instantly. We tried to load the car to the maximum, but not a single lag was found during the test.

I really liked the way the Huawei MacBook 14 behaves during games. The integrated graphics Intel Iris Xe is responsible for the graphics, the power of which has significantly increased compared to the previous generation. So, for example, in the League of Legends Huawei MacBook 14 shows a stable 100 frames per second at medium graphics settings. The result is almost like the discrete Nvidia graphics cards for ultrabooks. Don’t take the diary away: five more!

Remember, this is not a gaming laptop, so we didn’t even run some very graphics-intensive games on it. If you are looking for a gaming solution, then, of course, it is better to look at other options. The cooling system, which is equipped with two fans at once, shows itself perfectly. Thanks to her, the laptop becomes a little warm even in games, so you can safely use such a device “on your knees”. In general, there is no heating pad from it.

Huawei MateBook 14 is equipped with a 56 Wh battery, which allows it to work in office mode for a full working day, and to watch videos it will last for 11 hours – so you can safely arrange Star Wars marathons. True, here the user will charge faster than the laptop.


The Huawei MateBook 14 is set to be one of the best laptops of 2021. It has everything for this: stylish design, high-quality screen and powerful hardware.

Who is this laptop for? It will appeal to business people who are often on business trips, because compactness and long battery life are very important to them. The laptop is also worth paying attention to photographers and video editors, as the MateBook 14 has a well-calibrated screen with correct color reproduction. And the design of the laptop will appeal to those for whom gadgets are not only a tool for work, but also a stylish accessory.


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