Solving Network Error NW-31246-6 on PS4

NW-31246-6 is another network error that occurs intermittently while using various PS4 features. Attached to the error is a message stating that “PS4 was unable to connect to the network due to incorrect DNS settings.”

Cause of error NW-31246-6

Typically, error NW-31246-6 appears due to incorrect DNS settings that were automatically set by the PS4 software. Why this situation arises is unclear. Most likely, this is due to some specific bug in the console software or problems on the selected DNS server.

Solving error NW-31246-6 on PS4

As a rule, you can get rid of this error by manually setting the DNS settings on the console. Do not worry, even a green beginner can cope with this task. The main thing is to do everything exactly according to our instructions, and you will succeed.

  • Open the “Settings” section on your console;
  • go to the “Network” subsection and select the “Set up an Internet connection” item;
  • select your connection type: “Wi-Fi” or “LAN cable” (important choice!);
  • then select the “Special” item (and connect to the wireless network using your login and password if you selected “Wi-Fi”);
  • set the following series of settings:
    • IP address settings – Automatic;
    • DHCP Host Name – Do not specify;
    • DNS settings – Manual;
  • now an important point: Primary DNS –, Additional DNS –;
  • continue with network parameters:
    • MTU settings – Automatic;
    • Proxy – Do not use.

This completes the DNS setup for the network connection on PS4. Check for bug NW-31246-6. If the above solution does not work, we recommend that you contact your ISP or PlayStation technical support .

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