What is the difference between AVG TuneUp and AVG TuneUp Utilities?

With the strong democratization of digital technology, computers are essential tools in everyday life. As with any machine, however, there are times when this computer hardware has performance issues. To remedy this, the use of tools such as AVG TuneUp and AVG TuneUp Utilities is often recommended. However, what really differentiates these two software? Find out!

AVG TuneUp Utilities

Designed to optimize the performance of your PC, the AVG TuneUp Utilities software is a veritable computer Swiss army knife. Compatible with most versions of Windows, this program basically cleans up your machine. To do this, TuneUp Utilities scans your system for errors and fixes them. It also disables unused apps and deletes unnecessary files . In fact, each of these actions contributes to freeing up the maximum amount of space on your hard drive.

Stopping background programs

When you work on your computer, some programs run simultaneously in the background . Not only can you not see them, but they are also very energy intensive. Thanks to the optimization tool of TuneUp Utilities, you have the possibility of disabling these programs with one click. It is also possible to display the software in the background and then select the ones you want to stop.

Suspend programs on Windows startup

When you turn on your machine, some programs start automatically, thus slowing down the launch of the operating system. In order to overcome this inconvenience, you can stop these programs from the Disable Automatic Startup Programs option . Also, you can suspend these software in bulk or individually . In the latter case, you will have to display the programs then deactivate them one by one.

Hard disk cleaning

As you probably know, the lack of space on the hard disk has a strong impact on the operation of it. In order to remedy this, regular disk cleaning is recommended. AVG TuneUp Utilities makes this task a snap and hassle-free. Already, its cleaning assistant sorts your files and erases duplicates . Also, it frees up space by deleting web browsing data , cache and system logs.

AVG TuneUp

Like TuneUp Utilities, AVG TuneUp is a program designed to maintain your computer. Thanks to its suite of powerful tools, this multitasking software helps to improve the performance of your machine. In this sense, you can perform operations like defragmentation of the drive in order to boost access to the hard disk. By using the cleanup wizard, you will be able to remove unwanted software as well as duplicate files.

This helps to free up more space in the registry and thus limit system crashes. In addition, AVG TuneUp allows you to perform disk integrity checks to detect and correct any anomalies. Thanks to its Turbo mode , this maintenance software performs an automatic analysis of your entire system in real time . It also carries out the regular and automatic update of the standard software of your PC.

The particularities between AVG TuneUp Utilities and AVG TuneUp

Developed by the same publisher, TuneUp Utilities and TuneUp have a common goal, that of maintaining your PC. However, it should be pointed out that AVG TuneUp is only the enhanced version of TuneUp Utilities. If these two software have similarities, some differences can also be observed. Already, AVG TuneUp presents a more user-friendly and ergonomic interface than its previous version.

Also, task execution time is much shorter than with TuneUp Utilities. On the other hand, the new software performs the maintenance of your computer automatically and in the background. This is a time-saving advantage since your work will not be interrupted by the process. Also note that after downloading, AVG TuneUp can be installed on all devices in your computer park. Whether you are a business or an individual, you will be able to optimize your PCs without constraint.

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