How to clean your PC with Norton?

Norton is a tool that allows you to protect your computer systems from malicious files and software. It can also be used to perform several other operations such as cleaning your PC. Very effective, it allows the user to rid his computer of all unwanted files likely to affect its proper functioning. Although it is easy to use, it is important to have some notions about its use in order to use it well. So here is how to clean your PC with Norton security app.

How do I use the Notton Junk File Removal Tool?

Every time you perform operations on your computer (open and download files, browse the web, etc.), temporary information is stored. These files are useless data which, retained over time, can significantly reduce the storage space on your hard drive. Moreover, the accumulation of such unwanted information can affect the running speed of your PC. With Norton’s “Delete Junk Files” feature, you can simply declutter your hard drive. Here is the procedure to follow to carry out the operation.

First, open the Norton security app. In the main window, double-click on the ” Performance ” option. Next, double-tap on the “ File Cleanup ” option . A full computer scan will be performed and all data deemed unnecessary will be cleaned from your PC. Once the cleanup is complete, you can close the app.

Thanks to the declutter tool offered by Norton, you can prevent your computer from being slowed down by the accumulation of unnecessary data. In addition, this cleaning operation helps prevent your system from certain malicious attacks .

What files are deleted by the Norton PC Cleanup tool?

Norton offers you a complete cleaning tool. The files targeted by the application are:

  • temporary files that accumulate on your computer while browsing the Internet,
  • unnecessary files created following the installation or update of software,
  • unnecessary entries in the Windows registry.

The Windows registry is considered the nerve center of the system. It contains operating system configuration data and details of all your activities on the PC. When you are using Windows system for a certain period of time, several totally useless registry entries will be registered. Each of them takes up very little space, but by dint of accumulation, the process of functioning of your machine can be slowed down.

Cleaning is therefore often necessary in order to keep your Windows registry in good order and to avoid overloading the system. However, it is advisable to always back up your registry before performing such an operation. So you can go back to the old version if something goes wrong.

How do I change deletion settings?

Norton gives you the option to make changes to the settings for deleting unnecessary files. To make your changes, simply go to the application settings window. Indeed, you have the possibility of changing the methods of deletion of useless files and recognition of useless file models.

To carry out this operation, you must open the application and click on the Toolbox tab and then on the Clean option . In the “Clean” section, you have several other cleaning windows available to you:

  • windows cleaning
  • registry cleaning
  • internet cleaning
  • All-in-one PC cleaning.

You have two tabs that appear in each of the windows: Internet and Other. In the Internet tab , you can decide whether unnecessary Internet files should be deleted or destroyed.

The Other tab gives you various options. You can modify the junk file templates that have been configured, create new junk file templates, and change existing templates. It is also possible to delete from the list, the files that you consider useless. You can also reset the app’s default junk file settings.

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